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We’ve been fortunate over the past year to have received a tremendous amount of love and support from the horror community. Along the way, we’ve met some amazingly talented and passionate filmmakers, artists, and craftsmen (and women!) who have become part of our extended horror family — along with all our loyal readers and members of our growing social media community. As a result, we’re going to start doing some regular giveaways to introduce you to some of our wonderful friends and thank you for helping us continue to share our love of the genre with you.

All giveways will be posted via one (or more) of our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), so be sure to follow us so you don’t miss a thing. We will also cross-post them here for our readers’ convenience. If you are a business and would like to host a giveaway through our site, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Deeper Than Hell Giveaway

To celebrate the publication of our new horror serial, DEEPER THAN HELL, we’re giving you the chance to win exclusive, signed art from the author and illustrator. Click here to learn more and enter.


Morbidly Beautiful Bloody Birthday Giveaway

It’s our biggest giveaway to date in celebration of our one year birthday. Click here to learn all about our Bloody Birthday Giveaway. We’ll be announcing one prize a day, every day throughout the month of October. You’ll have a ton of chances to enter just by visiting our site, following us on social, and interacting with us. In addition to new prizes, we’ll be announcing new ways to win throughout the month. So enter early and often!


Morbidly Beautiful Sharetember

We’re kicking things off with a bang! Click here to learn all about Sharetember, 4 full weeks of giveaways throughout the month of September (in celebration of Morbidly Beautiful’s one year anniversary).


Stay tuned for news of the first Sharetember giveway. All giveaways and winners throughout the month will be posted to this page.


1. Win an “I LOVE HORROR” t-shirt from our friends at Terror Threads. Follow us on Instagram to get entry details. Contest ends 9/9.

2. Win a Friday the 13th VII inspired original poster print from Alleycat Graphics. We’re giving away three stunning prints via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Contest ends 9/12.

3. Win an autographed photo from Amanda Wyss, star of A Nightmare on Elm Street (Tina) and the new horror short Oct 23rd. Enter via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Contest ends 9/14.

4. Win a Lunar Crypt prize package. Enter via Instagram. Contest ends 9/23.

5. Win a Women in Horror original art print from Orcutts Art Room. Enter via Facebook. Contest ends 9/21. 

6. Win an original Crypt Keeper print from Orcutts Art Room. Enter via Twitter. Contest ends 9/27.

7. Win an original Friday the 13th art print from Orcutts Art Room. Enter via Instagram. Contest ends 9/27.

8. Win two exclusive pins from Inborn Designs. Enter via Instagram. Contest ends 10/3.

9. Win a “Pet Semetery” pin from Nightcreature Studios. Enter via Instagram. Contest ends 10/5.