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Meet Amara, a Vegetarian Zombie Girl Who Proves Different is Beautiful…and Morbidly Beautiful’s Exclusive Connection to the Secret World of Monsters.

The First Letter: An Undead Introduction

Dear Morbidly Beautiful,

My name is Amara Percentage, but many just call me AC for short. I am writing to you from “Blood Tap Rehabilitation Center” after hearing some of the nurses here talk about how you are looking for writers and content creators for your website called “Morbidly Beautiful.” I know this is odd in receiving a letter from someone in a rehab center, so let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I am writing to you.

To tell you about myself, I am 26 years old, born and raised in Upstate New York, and have always had a passion for writing. Also, I am a monster by Living definition. A Zombie, to be exact. I have been a Zombie ever since the day I died. Well… Reborn. Undead. Whatever you want to call it.

I died 6 years ago in Texas from a freak accident at the lottery ticket factory that I was working in, and it was quite strange to wake up in darkness. Memories flooded my mind when I woke up, and I knew that I died but was now undead. Long story short, I soon figured out not only was I a Zombie, but a Zombie with a smart brain!! I was also a very hungry smart Zombie. So, I decided to do what Zombies normally do when they crawl up from the dirt and look for food.

As I was shuffling around in search for food and wondering why people were running away from me, I smelled something so delicious, I had to follow it and see what it was. I found myself at a Farmers Market— and found myself picking up my jaw off the ground to reattach it to my face. It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my Living and now Undead Life. Piles and piles of carrots.

Now, you are wondering: Zombies eat brains and flesh. Why is she losing her body parts over vegetables? Let me explain.

When I was living in a warm body, I ate meat constantly. However, when I climbed out of the ground, the thought of eating flesh and brains repulsed me so much, I heaved up my remaining internal organs (which I had to put back inside me for safety precautions). After smelling those beautiful carrots, stealing one, and eating it, I realized that I wasn’t a normal Zombie like the ones in the TV shows and movies I remember watching.

I tested that by finding a rat and eating it, only to once again, puke up all my organs. That proved to me that something was different about me. I only craved vegetables and fruits. It was the only thing that I could eat. I was… A vegetarian. Not that I am ashamed of being a vegetarian Zombie, but it started to affect my daily un-life. I tried my best to fit in amongst the living, usually ending with people running away from me or me shuffling away from the police.

It soon became too much, and I left the town I was existing in with hopes to make a better “Life” for myself. Wandering through the Texan countryside, I happened to shuffle upon to what seemed like an old abandoned warehouse. Being dead, you tend to dry out a lot faster in the heat, so I took the chance to hopefully save whatever was left in my decaying flesh.

I opened the door…and what I saw before my eye was something that even I could not believe.

Monsters of all types roaming around in this building. Sirens. Mummies. Ghosts with… clothes on? Even crazier, the inside of this building looked like a Ward for the Insane. Nurses from the Living handing out small bags of what I assumed was blood to a line-up of vampires in the far corner. A werewolf getting a pair of hair clippers taken away from them. It was a sight to see. As I was standing there, a woman in scrubs approached me and asked if there was anything that I needed help with.

Unsure what to do or say, I decided to be honest and ask if she had any water and some apples. I will never forget the smile on her face as she took me by my wrist stump and led me to room filled with Zombies, all of them in a hoard over a pile of apples. One of them looked up and smiled at me, sliding over to give me room. I was nervous, but I shuffled my way over and went face first in the pile. Oh, how I remember the taste. So sweet and crunchy. For the first time in my new un-life, I felt at home.

One of the human nurses explained to me that this building is a Rehabilitation center for outcast monsters who have somehow managed to accidentally find themselves trapped in the human world. Not just any monster, but those who lack the stereotypical characteristics that a monster is known to have. The purpose of this rehab center is to make monsters of all kinds be comfortable with who they are and learn how to love themselves, regardless if they regain their common terrifying charm or not.

Some here have managed to find their way back into the world of their Terror-sake. We had a Fear Cheer party last week for a demon who finally gained the courage to possess someone and possessed his group therapist. He went back home yesterday to his dad, and it was the most emotionally heartwarming descent to Hell that I could every imagine.

As for me, I have been here for about 6 years now. Still eating my fruits and vegetables. I just wanted to reach out to you all with the hopes of connecting with someone from the outside world. I heard that monsters are not big in the human and living world anymore, so I wanted to help shed some light on why that might be the case.

All of us in here would love to chat with all of you out there. Seriously. Ya know, it’s hard being a monster. Especially one that shunned for not being… Normal.

I want to thank you for your time in reading this letter, and I hope to get a response soon. At least one person to show that they care. If not, that’s okay, too. I understand that not everyone believes in us anymore, but we are still here, and we are still trying. Once again, I thank you for reading this and I hope that you have on Hell of a day.

Sincerely Undead,

“Dear Morbidly Beautiful” in an original horror fiction series, written exclusively for Morbidly Beautiful, by writer Keyz Keyzworth. This is an interactive series. Your comments and feedback will be incorporated into future letters. We hope you love this exciting new content as much as we do.

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  1. on February 25, 2018 at 7:33 pm
    The Black Cat wrote:

    Nice job! I look forward to reading future installments of this story and meeting more misfit monsters!

    BTW, twas I who drew Amara. So glad you liked what I came up with! You can see more of my shit on Instagram @blackcathorrormemes 🐱


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