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The actions were rep­re­hen­si­ble, leav­ing an ego bat­tered and bruised, a soul bat­tered beyond pain,
It feels like razors whis­per­ing through flesh, rust­ed but equal­ly sharp, ignored emo­tions slain;

Blood and tears flow in rivers through tat­tered der­mis, pooled and dried in pat­terns of caked hatred,
Nerves scream in voice­less tem­po go unheard, the thought of ten­der­ness and love are no longer scared;

Agony and immo­la­tion are a means to an end, a per­verse scent of sul­phur lin­ger­ing in the fetid cur­rent,
Flames lick hun­gri­ly ever up and out­ward, the delight­ful ran­cid stench of burn­ing tor­ment now learnt;

The wail­ing was once loud but becomes breath­less, whis­pers of what once was and will be no more,
Was it always the harlot’s grand design of cru­el­ty, to com­mit atroc­i­ties against me that oth­ers abhor?

Ever­more now in the throes of dis­fig­ure­ment, wretched mad­ness car­ries its lament of sal­va­tions light,
Maybe now the God­dess hears my prayer for abso­lu­tion, offer­ing of my soul to relieve me of my plight…

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