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The actions were reprehensible, leaving an ego battered and bruised, a soul battered beyond pain,
It feels like razors whispering through flesh, rusted but equally sharp, ignored emotions slain;

Blood and tears flow in rivers through tattered dermis, pooled and dried in patterns of caked hatred,
Nerves scream in voiceless tempo go unheard, the thought of tenderness and love are no longer scared;

Agony and immolation are a means to an end, a perverse scent of sulphur lingering in the fetid current,
Flames lick hungrily ever up and outward, the delightful rancid stench of burning torment now learnt;

The wailing was once loud but becomes breathless, whispers of what once was and will be no more,
Was it always the harlot’s grand design of cruelty, to commit atrocities against me that others abhor?

Evermore now in the throes of disfigurement, wretched madness carries its lament of salvations light,
Maybe now the Goddess hears my prayer for absolution, offering of my soul to relieve me of my plight…

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