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Not knowing what to expect, I dive into death metal band Meathook’s 2019 Album Release of “Crypts, Coffins, Corpses” — and proceed to have my mind blown.

Death metal has always been a guilty pleasure of mine since the 8th grade. There is something about the visceral content and the guttural sound of the music that has always captured my imagination, ever since I cut my teeth on Obituary’s “Chopped In Half” (from the album Cause of Death). I have always been searching for that next band to tear the flesh from my face.

With the release of their 2019 album Crypts, Coffins, Corpses, Meathook has certainly met that requirement! I will readily admit that I had not heard of the band before this release (even though they had released previous albums such as Infernal Torture (2008), Facing Deformity (2012) and MMXVII (2017)). But now that I have heard the unrelenting brutality that pulsed through the speakers, I am on board as a fan.


There is a raw and gritty feeling to the music, along with an ambience of rage and violence, that can and will grind your bones to dust and liquify your eardrums —  all while maintaining a steady level of technical precision that is hard to maintain through an entire album.

Mars (lead vocalist) absolutely slays your ear canal with a powerfully guttural style of singing that conjures the thought of demons blasphemously praying to whatever dark entities they serve (from a personal standpoint, I liken his vocal style as a combination of Glen Benton of Deicide and George “Corpsegrinder“ Fisher of Cannibal Corpse).

There is an incredible energy to the tales he weaves while singing that goes hand in hand with the aforementioned technical prowess that Aaron (guitar) and Chad (bass) display while playing, not to mention the heart-skipping drumming of Johny.  At no point does it ever sound like any of them are just mailing in their performances, which can sometimes happen on a death metal release.

In fact, one of the things that really stands out about this particular album is the fact that, as a combined unit, every member of Meathook is an equal part that paints a perfect picture of a bloody and horrific story of unrelenting gruesomeness.  The urge to headbang until your neck snaps is certainly an appropriate feeling for this release.

“Awaiting Torment”, the opening track, certainly sets the tone for the CD as it lulls you in quietly and then shatters your face with a sonic fury. The next two tracks, “Cauldron Of Dead Bodies” and “Purification Through Pain” continue to torture you at a steady pace that keeps your heart racing and mind reeling. Then tracks such as “Placed Upon The Alter”, “Temples Made From Flesh” and “Awakened By The Stench” pound you into a state of submission before we get to the real gems of this release.

My personal favorite on the CD is “Disseminated Remains”. 

In my mind’s eye, I can envision this song being the reveal in an epically gory horror film as you can almost hear the blood poring from open wounds of an agonized victim with nowhere to go. The intro to the song will make you shiver, and when the first few notes hit, you will find yourself grinning with anticipation.

“Crypts, Coffin Corpses” (you can almost smell the dirt and burning flesh while listening) and “Coils Of Entrails” (the perfect feverish pitch to end an album) follow as my other favorite tracks and are the perfect compliments to “Disseminated Remains”.

Meathook has come to play, and its toys have never been more sharp and horrifying!

For the CD’s release, Unmatched Brutality Records has it at an incredible price and offers even more merchandise for the band, including flags, stickers and t-shirts!  Well worth checking out and certainly something to share with any other metalhead friends you may have.

The Dedman’s Verdict: 8 out of 10

Track Listing: 

  1. Awaiting Torment
  2. Cauldron of Dead Bodies
  3. Purification Through Pain
  4. Crypts, Coffins, Corpses
  5. Placed Upon The Alter
  6. Temples Made From Flesh
  7. Disseminated Remains
  8. Awakened By The Stench
  9. Coils Of Entrails 

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