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The Midnight Hour is the perfect Halloween film — a wonderfully fun time packed with nostalgic 80’s goodness, a stellar cast and a killer soundtrack

Midnight HourThe clock sings as a bul­ly­ing breeze descends down your skin, nur­tur­ing an eerie chill that gouges at your spine. Witch­es, were­wolves and ghouls awake to enjoy a night of may­hem and debauch­ery, look­ing to take back what was once theirs. Mid­night patient­ly awaits, the witch­ing hour close at hand.

I’m gonna wait ‘till the mid­night hour, that’s when my love comes tum­bling down. I’m gonna wait ‘till the mid­night hour, when there’s no one else around” quot­ed from the famous song by Wil­son Pick­ett. The 1985 made for tele­vi­sion film, The Mid­night Hour, is direct­ed by Jack Ben­der (Child’s Play 3, Lost), star­ring Lee Mont­gomery, Shari Bela­fonte-Harp­er, LeVar Bur­ton, Peter DeLuise, Jonelle Allen and Kevin McCarthy, among oth­ers.

Hand in hand, tra­di­tions trail close­ly when speak­ing of the time hon­ored Hal­loween. After all, what is Hal­loween but an intro­spec­tive tra­di­tion in itself. The film THE MIDNIGHT HOUR has become an insti­tu­tion for the sea­son, inte­grat­ing every trait Hal­loween has to offer. This film is huge­ly under­rat­ed and has near­ly been for­got­ten over the years.

When a group of friends from high school decide to break into the town’s local witch­craft muse­um on Hal­loween, search­ing for authen­tic cos­tumes to wear for a par­ty, they get much more than they bar­gained for when they hap­pen upon an old parch­ment sealed with wax. They take their find­ings to the town ceme­tery for some fun before the par­ty, where they break the seal and read the words writ­ten inside. Unbe­knownst to them, they are about to unleash a horde of evil that will threat­en the towns entire exis­tence.

The Mid­night Hour is a time­less clas­sic that is still rel­e­vant today.

Star-stud­ded act­ing com­bined with a top notch killer sound­track, fea­tur­ing songs like Li’l Red Rid­ing Hood, The Mid­night Hour and Bad Moon Ris­ing, make for a per­fect Hal­loween film the whole fam­i­ly can enjoy. The old school DJ, Wolf­man Jack, can also be heard through­out the film, giv­ing a slight semi nar­ra­tion for the dura­tion. It is TV movie from the mid-eight­ies, so there is basi­cal­ly no blood or gore. How­ev­er, it’s a crisp, inspired film, mak­ing it a thor­ough­ly enjoy­able watch.

There are some seri­ous sin­is­ter under­tones in this film, giv­ing it a macabre, omi­nous vibe. The cos­tumes real­ly explode and come alive, and the impres­sive make­up (being an 80’s made-for-tele­vi­sion film) is some of the best I’ve seen, even with today’s present-day advance­ment.

The sets and props give a great home­ly Hal­loween feel, and the sto­ry is actu­al­ly some­what intri­cate, despite its deceiv­ing cam­ou­flage. Every sin­gle char­ac­ter from top to bot­tom is lik­able (or unlike­able as they are sup­posed to be), includ­ing the out­stand­ing per­for­mance by Kevin McCarthy as the mean spir­it­ed and hate­ful, Judge Cran­dall.

This is a nos­tal­gic piece of cin­e­mat­ic his­to­ry, and one of my all-time favorite films to watch dur­ing Octo­ber, as it nev­er ceas­es to put a smile to my face.

There’s even a hilar­i­ous­ly creepy dance num­ber towards the end that occu­pies no real impor­tance, yet is amus­ing and sat­is­fy­ing at the same time. This is the Hal­loween expe­ri­ence at its finest.

I give this Hal­loween mas­ter­piece 2.5 out of 3 scratch­es for its tai­lored, authen­tic enter­tain­ment.

THE MIDNIGHT HOUR is one of the best sea­son­al films, and a great All Hal­lows Eve trek. If you’re tired of the same old thing every Octo­ber, and are look­ing for some­thing new (or old in this case), do your­self a favor and check this one out. It’s an excep­tion­al adven­ture. But beware, The Mid­night Hour is lurk­ing around the cor­ner.

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