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Never Hike Alone

Never Hike Alone, a loving tribute to Friday the 13th, elevates the concept of fan films and delivers a brilliant homage worthy of canon status. 

Never Hike AloneFan­dom. We all are a part of some time of fan­dom. Take me for instance, I’m a die-hard fan of the Dal­las Cow­boys. They are my favorite sports team, so nat­u­ral­ly I spend my mon­ey on a lot of Cow­boys mer­chan­dise and watch the games reli­gious­ly.

In the grand scheme of things, we are all hor­ror fans. We love our beloved genre and defend from those that maybe don’t under­stand our “insa­tiable blood lust”. We go to screen­ings, buy mer­chan­dise from var­i­ous ven­dors, watch the movies and even attend hor­ror con­ven­tions to meet our hor­ror heroes. But some­times, a hor­ror fan will go the extra mile and actu­al­ly cre­ate a cin­e­mat­ic gem.

A cou­ple years ago, THE CONFESSION OF FRED KRUEGER was unleashed upon the world, and the response was stag­ger­ing. Night­mare fans and hor­ror fans show­ered the fan film with praise and love, cred­it­ing Kevin Roach’s por­tray­al of the title char­ac­ter, and Nathan Thomas Milliner’s script and direc­tion.

Fan films have always exist­ed, but this was the start of some­thing new and fresh. Now here we are, and a new fan film is tak­ing the hor­ror world by storm. NEVER HIKE ALONE is a FRIDAY THE 13th fan film, that gives Mrs. Voorhees baby boy the same treat­ment as his Elm Street coun­ter­part.

Nev­er Hike Alone cen­ters on Kyle McLeod, a sur­vival­ist hik­er that decides to do a documentary/vlog about camp­ing and hik­ing in the great wilder­ness. Dur­ing one of his hikes, he unwit­ting­ly stum­bles upon the long aban­doned Camp Crys­tal Lake. Kyle is aware of the leg­ends about Camp Blood, but still decides to explore the camp any­way. It isn’t long before Crys­tal Lake’s res­i­dent unhap­py camper shows up to deal with this intrud­er, leav­ing Kyle in a fight for his life.

This is def­i­nite­ly one of those that the less you know the bet­ter, as going in blind is the best way to expe­ri­ence this mini mas­ter­piece.

Never Hike Alone

It is with­out a doubt one of the great­est fan films ever made, and it has fans debat­ing whether this should be con­sid­ered canon with the rest of the fran­chise due to its epic 3rd act (which will leave fans cheer­ing). And in my opin­ion it should be con­sid­ered canon to the oth­er films. In fact, this lit­tle short film is bet­ter than most of the fea­ture length sequels (and that’s com­ing from a huge fan of the fran­chise)!

Andrew Leighty deserves a lot of praise, as essen­tial­ly he is car­ry­ing the film on his own for a good chunk of it. He’s able to keep the char­ac­ter Kyle fresh and some­one we the audi­ence should cheer for, as we actu­al­ly care if he lives or dies. The script and direc­tion also deserve heaps of praise, as the film­mak­ers are obvi­ous fans of the fran­chise and have deliv­ered a bonafide love let­ter to the fans with this gem.

The beau­ty part is, the film­mak­ers have released Nev­er Hike Alone on YouTube for free, so you can watch it by click­ing here (check out the trail­er below). Now go join Kyle and let us know what you thought of it.

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