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tourist-trap.23710Shot in just 24 days, Tourist Trap is a classic, and there are no mistakes about it. If you are new to your horror love, then this movie is a must see. That’s not saying that it is a perfect film, but do not let that turn you away from this. The movie takes place in an old tourist museum where five friends get stuck on the road and send one of them to fix their tire. When he doesn’t come back, they start to explore the grounds around them — eventually bumping into Mr. Slasuen, a lonely old man who invites them to his museum while they wait for their friend. Strange things start to occur, and the mannequins start to seem a little too real. The score to this movie is strange, yet it fits perfectly. I listen to it from time to time when I am home alone to give myself the creeps.

Now from this point forward there will be spoiler alerts, so I gave you fair warning…I am going deep.


The characters in this film are, well how should I put this, forgettable. I believe the actors did well enough, but these are not award-winning performances. We have Becky, who I thought was the most forgettable of the roles. She doesn’t really portray any type of personality to me and only seems to be there to raise the kill count. Jerry served as the protector type…that is until he left Becky for dead. Eileen was the free-spirited, adventurous friend. I enjoyed her in the movie and was sad to see her go. Woody does not get much screen time but has the coolest scene in the movie. Molly is my favorite. No matter how incredibly naive she is during the whole movie, I thought she was nothing but charming. Mr. Slausen is the guilt-ridden man that owns the museum and Plaster Face (also the killer).

The death scenes are cheesy but I was expecting that…so no disappointment there. The death scenes that I most admired were Jerry, Eileen and Woody. Jerry’s was an exciting death only for the fact that I too thought I was going crazy. I didn’t want Eileen to die so soon, but her death was definitely in fact a cheesy mess. And who could really forget Woody’s death scene? That’s the best damn part, and it really made the film stand out from all the other slashers. As for Becky…well who cares about Becky anyway? She’s not important.


There was some parts that seemed to drag on a little bit, especially the part where Mr. Slausen is confessing his love for Molly. We got it…you’re crazy, you’re alone, and you want her. And let us not forget the great dramatic soap opera music they used when Mr. Slausen was confessing he killed his brother and wife.

Now I do have some speculations about this movie. Since there are so many empty spaces left open in the story, I came up with the filler to fill those blanks in. Now I believe that Plaster Face is in fact a second personality, formed by the guilt he felt murdering his brother and wife. And when Molly smashes his mask, the two personalities become one, which is why he barely uses it during the ending of the film. Also, I think Mr. Slasuen gave her some of his abilities, which could explain why she saw actual people…or she could have just gone completely insane. Unless Mr. Slausen didn’t know his wife, it was all just made up in his head. When he found his “wife,” it was really a honest relationship between the both of them.

In conclusion, the movie is amazing and deserves recognition. Though flawed, the flaws do not seem to bog down the film in any way. I would give it an 8 out of 10.

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