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The Calling Hours Podcast

Morbidly Beautiful is thrilled to announce that we are the official new home for The Calling Hours horror podcast.

The Calling Hours Podcast

Hosted by Michael “Dedman” Jones, The Calling Hours features insightful and thought provoking interviews with actors, actresses, producers, directors, and FX artists, as well as in depth reviews of Blu-Rays and DVDs and the best in new and classic metal artists. No subject in the genre was off limits, and Dedman always asks the questions few others would dare.

The Calling Hours airs on Morbidly Beautiful every Tuesday at 8 pm EST/7 pm CST. You can also listen to the syndicated rebroadcast on MileHiRadio every Friday night at 10 pm EST/7 pm CST. 

Calling Hours Episodes

2.1: A Bit of the Ultra Violence with Argalin Darkscars of Morbidly Beautiful (10.31.17)
2.2: The Rise of Indie & a New Kind of Slasher With Nick Hunt, Safe Place Writer/Director (11.7.17)
2.3: Women in Horror Month/Ax Wound Film Festival Founder Hannah Neurotica (11.14.17)
2.4: Indie Actor and Filmmaker Gregory Blair (11.21.17)
2.5: The History, Evolution and Popularity of Role Playing Games with Game Master David Henley (12.5.17)
2.6: The Rise of Digital and the Genre’s Future with Podcaster Dave Maresca (12.12.17)
2.7: Inside Indie Filmmaking with Horror Film Director / Producer Max Cerchi (12.19.17)
2.8: Don’t Fuck in the Woods 2 (12.26.17)
2.9: The Salva/Polanski Hypocrisy (1.2.18)
2.10: Pot in Horror (1.16.18)


Ep. #1: Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster of The Orphan Killer (Original Air Date: 9/3/13)
Ep. #2: Actress & Model Christy Faulkner (Original Air Date: 9/10/13)
Ep. #3: Concept Media Cast and Crew (Original Air Date: 9/17/13)
Ep. #4: Sarah French and Joe Knetter (Original Air Date: 9/24/13)
Ep. #5: Sean Clark (Original Air Date: 9/31/13)
Ep. #6: The Cast and Crew of Kandie Land (Original Air Date: 10/8/13)
Ep. #7: The Cast and Crew of ‘In Fear Of’ (Original Air Date: 10/15/13)
Ep. #8: Actress Deborah Funes (Original Air Date: 10/22/13)
Ep. #9: Barbie Wilde, Nicholas Vince and Simon Bamford (Original Air Date: 10/29/13)
Ep. #10: Actress Cyndi Crotts and FX Artist Johnny Brajdic (Original Air Date: 11/5/13)
Ep. #11: Tyler Mane and Renae Geerlings of Mane Entertainment (Original Air Date: 11/12/13)
Ep. #12: Actress/Producer Melanie Robel & Producer/Director Richard Clark Jr (Original Air Date: 11/19/13)
Ep. #13: Horror Society Owner Mitchell Wells & Living Dead Magazine’s Miss Mandible (Original Air Date: 1/7/14)
Ep. #14: Rob Dimension and Mike O’Mahony of Rabbit Hole (Original Air Date: 1/14/14)
Ep. #15: Marv Blauvelt, Felissa Rose Esposito Miller and Kelsey Zukowski (Original Air Date: 1/21/14)
Ep. #16: PJ Woodside and Steve Hudgins of Big Biting Productions (Original Air Date: 1/28/14)
Ep. #17: Women in Horror Ambassador Rebekah Herzberg and The Soska Twins (Original Air Date: 2/4/14)
Ep. #18: Women in Horror Ambassador Rebekah Herzberg, Tiffany Shepis and Heidi Honeycutt (Original Air Date: 2/11/14)
Ep. #19: Actress Felissa Rose and Horror Hostess Miss Misery (Original Air Date: 2/11/14)
Ep. #20: Ryan Stacy, Christy Faulkner and Stacy Freeders (Original Air Date: 2/25/14)
Ep. #21: Tommy Faircloth, Jason Vail and Debbie Rochon of Crinoline Head 2 (Original Air Date: 3/4/14)
Ep. #22: Maria Olsen and Rycke Foreman talk Slash and More (Original Air Date: 3/11/14)
Ep. #23: Shawn Burkett, Ayse Howard, Deziree Angel & Scott Gillespie (Original Air Date: 3/18/14)
Ep. #24: Paul J. Porter and Hayley Derryberry of Rabid Love (Original Air Date: 3/25/14)
Ep. #25: Asta Maria Paredes and Clay Von Carolowitz (Original Air Date: 4/1/14)
Ep. #26: Cult Icon Mark Torgl Talks About Toxic Tutu (Original Air Date: 4/8/14)
Ep. #27: Lou Simon Talks HAZMAT and Her Career (Original Air Date: 4/15/14)
Ep. #28: Hannah Landberg (Rabid Love) and Randy Fabert (Autumn Moon) (Original Air Date: 4/28/14)
Ep. #29: Laurene Landon Covers Her Amazing Career in Horror (Original Air Date: 5/6/14)
Ep. #30: Derek Young Discusses His Film Psychotic State (Original Air Date: 5/13/14)
Ep. #31: Cult Actor Mel Novak Talks About His Amazing Career (Original Air Date: 5/27/14)
Ep. #32: Actor Sean Kenney (Star Trek) and DJ-Ephraim Adamz (Horror Movie) (Original Air Date: 6/3/14)
(Episode #33 UNAVAILABLE)
Ep. #34: Josh Chaney and Julie Ann Ream Talk Family History and More (Original Air Date: 6/18/14)
Ep. #35: Cast and Crew of Dead Kansas and Mary Dixon (Original Air Date: 7/1/14)
Ep. #36: Director/Actress Michelle Tomlinson & Director Mike Bredon (Original Air Date: 7/7/14)
Ep. #37: The Midnight Metal Massacre Tribute Show #1: Metal Blade Records (Original Air Date: 7/22/14)
Ep. #38: Andrea Albin & Joanna Shirley of Bloody Bombshell Entertainment (Original Air Date: 8/5/14)
Ep. #39: Actress/Model/Musician/Music Producer Max Wasa (Original Air Date: 8/12/14)
Ep. #40: Midnight Metal Massacre Tribute Show #2 & FX Artist Adrian Marcato (Original Air Date: 8/19/14)
Ep. #41: Actress/Writer/Producer Jacqui Holland (Original Air Date: 8/26/14)
Ep. #42: Producer/Editor/Actor Camden Toy (Original Air Date: 9/2/14)
Ep. #43: Writer/Director/Producer “Bloody” Bill Pon of Circus of the Dead (Original Air Date: 9/9/14)
Ep. #44: Actor/Composer Michael Christopher, “The Hare Krishna Zombie” (Original Air Date: 9/16/14)
Ep. #45: Producer/Director/Writer Brian Yuzna (Original Air Date: 9/23/14)
Ep. #46: Actress Judith O’Dea and Actor/Producer Jim Krut (Original Air Date: 10/7/14)
Ep. #47: Adam Vnuk, Marc Dube & Dennis Broderick of Moongoyle Entertainment (Original Air Date: 10/14/14)
Ep. #48: Producer/Director/Writer Thomas J. Churchill of Marilyn: Zombie Hunter (Original Air Date: 10/21/14
Ep. #49: Chris Alexander of Fangoria Magazine and Actress Michelle Tomlinson (Original Air Date: 10/28/14)
Ep. #50: Joe Forsberg, Shay Morgan Brook and the Hosts of Flesh Wound Radio (Original Air Date: 11/18/14)
Ep. #51: Actress Elise Muller (Original Air Date: 11/25/14)
Ep. #52: The Writers of Living Dead Magazine (Original Air Date: 12/9/14)
Ep. #53: Producer/Director Ryan Stacy and Actress Mandy Lou (Original Air Date: 12/16/14)
Ep. #54: Writer, Director and Actress Genoveva Rossi (Original Air Date: 12/30/14)
Ep. #55: Director / Writer / Producer Dustin Wayde Mills Talks Applecart and More (Original Air Date: 1/13/15)
Ep. #56: Actor / Director / Producer David Heavener (Original Air Date: 1/27/15)
Ep. #57:  The “Godfather of Gore” Herschell Gordon Lewis and VP of Development of Diabolique Films, James Saito (Original Air Date: 2/3/15)
Ep. #58: Casey Crow, Brandon Gene and Matt Willis of the short Klagger (Original Air Date: 2/10/15)
Ep. #59: Michael Kriegsman, author of the graphic novel “One of Us: The Making of Tod Browning’s ‘Freaks’ – Reimagined” (Original Air Date: 2/17/15)
Ep. #60: Stephen Biro of Unearthed Films (Original Air Date: 2/24/15)
Ep. #61: Horror Actress, Adult Film Star and Model Ophelia Rain (Original Air Date: 3/3/15)
Ep. #62: Directors / Producers Chris Leto and Jason Henne (Original Air Date: 3/10/15)
Ep. #63: Director Scott W. Perry and Scream Queen Debbie Rochon (Original Air Date: 3/17/15)
Ep. #64: Writer / Producer / Director Spencer Gray (Original Air Date: 3/24/15)
Ep. #65: Fred Vogel of Toetag Pictures (Original Air Date: 3/31/15)
Ep. #66: Actor / Producer / Cinematographer Tom Gore (Original Air Date: 4/14/15)
Ep. #67: Actor / Stuntman Troy Fromin (Original Air Date: 4/21/15)
Ep. #68: Actress / Producer / Writer Devanny Pinn and the Crew of House of Manson (Original Air Date: 4/28/15)
(Episode #69 UNAVAILABLE)
Ep. #70: Michael and Shawn Rasmussen of The Inhabitants (Original Air Date: 6/9/15)
Ep. #71: Actress / Writer / Producer Jo Anna “Jo Pincushion” Van Thuyne (Original Air Date: 6/30/15)
Ep. #72: Special FX Artist and Actor Vince Collura (Original Air Date: 7/14/15)
Ep. #73: Actress, Producer, Director and Scream Queen “The Original Gata” Monique Dupree (Original Air Date: 8/4/15)
(Episodes #74-78 UNAVAILABLE)
Ep. #79: The Cast and Crew of After Dark Horrorfest’s Suspension (Original Air Date: 9/22/15)
Ep. #80: Cast and Crew of The Wicked Within (Original Air Date: 9/25/15)
Ep. #81: 8 Films to Die For – Dagen Merrill, Doc Wyatt and Mary Kate Wiles (Original Air Date: 9/29/15)
Ep. #82: 8 Films to Die For – Hank Braxtan, Ron Carlson & Ivana Korab of Unnatural (Original Air Date: 10/2/15)
Ep. #83: 8 Films to Die For – The Cast and Crew of Re-Kill (Original Air Date: 10/13/15)
Ep. #84: Actress/Producer/Writer Vida Ghaffari (Original Air Date: 10/20/15)