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“There will NEVER be a remake, There will NEVER be a reboot there will only be a SEQUEL’ -Franchise star Zach Galligan (2016)

Gremlins 3 returned once again to the presses recently thanks to Gremlins franchise icon Zach Galligan. Galligan chatted with Bleeding Cool while in London, attending the long over due premiere of his “lost” film Nothing Last Forever (which sat on Warner Bros. shelf for 32 years over legal issues).

“NEW characters and some OLD characters”  is a quote I pulled from the fresh interview, in which Galligan teased the script is sure to be based around a fresh batch of victims of the gremlin third coming. What new characters and old characters will collide in the sequel? And, yes, this is a sequel! Galligan made that very clear in his interview with Bleeding (see above quote).

Galligan also claimed he hasn’t even been locked down yet. Check it a snippet of the interview below:

BC: I mean in a way [Gremlins 3] has to happen right? Nostalgia is a huge commodity right now and Gremlins has a lasting legacy. It’s almost crazy not to have it happen.

ZG: Right, they want it to happen, whether I’m in it or not I have no idea. I’ve had people say it’s kind of hard to see how they wouldn’t use you and Gizmo, but I have no idea.

But, hey, he’s got to be in it! I mean, just look at the love between him and Gizmo…kinda makes me tear up.

On a different note, did you know Chris Columbus (Gremlins creator) HATED Gremlins 2 with a passion? I didn’t, but then again I didn’t have any reason to until now. So I found out this juicy and quite troubling news (I actually liked Gremlins 2) within the very same interview Galligan had with BC!

Galligan is quoted saying “Chris Columbus wants to do it [make Gremlins 3] because he’d like to undo the Gremlins 2 thing as he wasn’t thrilled with it”. I don’t know…what’s really wrong with Gremlins 2? I LOVED that talking gremlin! But it’s kind of funny as now I’m questioning if the sequel WAS all that good in the first place, especially now that I know a key creator hated it. I’m going to have to revisit that one.

Below you’ll find a meaty part of the interview I think you’ll enjoy.

**SPOILER: Galligan disclosed Gremlins 2 originally was going to be set in Vegas. Does this mean Gremlins 3 could be [set in Vegas] then? Does Columbus want to make Gremlins more of a horror film? Is that his beef with the first sequel [because if was more of a comedy]?**

“[Chris Columbus] has been aggressively working on a ‘Gremlins 3’ that takes place in present day. He tantalizingly says there will be some NEW characters and some OLD characters – I guess in the style of a ‘Force Awakens’ type sequel. One thing we know for sure is they have a writer on board. The only insight I can give is the following: There was a 6 year gap between ‘Gremlins’ and ‘Gremlins 2’. Most of that time was spent with them writing and rejecting ideas and re-writing. One of the ideas that was rejected was “Gremlins in Vegas”. They went with that for 18 months and felt it was too expensive. Eventually they came up with the tower idea, where essentially I’m working for Donald Trump, our new President! That took six years to happen. Carl Ellsworth has been apparently working on the script for a year and a half now. If no new names start appearing on the IMDB listing, then that means they like the script. If new names start appearing, y’know Kevin Smith appears, it means it’s back in rewrites with a new vision. Warner Bros definitely wants it, Chris Columbus wants to do it because he’d like to undo the ‘Gremlins 2’ thing as he wasn’t thrilled with it.”

Also to make you feel better, there’s even another driving force behind the production of the sequel: **Drum roll please** a Mr. Steven Spielberg (director of the first two films). Galligan dished during the very same interview, “Spielberg wants to make Gremlins 3, I imagine – because he’s Spielberg – and why wouldn’t he want to do it? Once he’s found the right script, he can attach his name and make a ton of money. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

So, let’s just see where the cards fall on this one. Maybe in a year or so we’ll hear better news, i.e., “The script is DONE, here’s the date filming is estimated to start.” Or maybe we’ll hear Gremlins is going to go in an entirely different direction and will become a TV series or maybe even just a TV miniseries. With no locked down script and this much up in the air, no one really knows at this point.

No need to worry, though. We’re on it!

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