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We proudly debut the popular “Best Little Horror House in Philly” show on our podcast network, beginning with a love letter to 2004’s “Saw”.

Editor’s Note: We are so incredibly excited about the high caliber of podcasts we’ve added recently to the Morbidly Beautiful podcasting network. Joining our impressive lineup is the highly entertaining horror movie podcast BEST LITTLE HORROR HOUSE IN PHILLY, a weekly cast where host George Heftler and his special guest discuss the best horror movie every made…according to his guest, at least! It’s a safe place for horror fans to talk about the movies they’re passionate about — a place to talk about venerated entries already in the canon, modern-day classics, and everything in between.

Be sure to tune in to Morbidly Beautiful every Thursday to catch a new episode of the show. 


I am thrilled to be joining the Morbidly Beautiful network, a group whose mission statement really resonated with me; I am a firm believer that there is something in horror for everybody, and everyone should be welcome. The increase in diversity of voices within the genre itself, the coverage, and the community is not only a positive, it’s vital to keeping it fresh. The diversity of voices also segues nicely into the personal nature of horror, something that our show has a keen focus on.

People have different fears based on their lived experience, culture, and more. Finding out why someone connects with a movie is fascinating to me, and horror having visible delineations between sub genres allows for exploration of someone’s tastes both in the past and present. This also means we can dig a little deeper on foundational movies, talking about not just the movie itself but how someone reacts to it means we get greater insight into what makes it effective on more than a technical level.

Finally, something that I’m proud to have incorporated into the show is creating a space where people can feel comfortable. Every week I agree with the guest that their pick is the best, allowing them to really have their passion on full display. Nothing feels worse than being excited to show your friend something and they don’t react positively – by being willing to create an atmosphere where we’re on the same page, the guest can really evaluate what makes it special to them instead of trying to convince me to meet them at “this movie is good.”

I am delighted to take this step with the Morbidly Beautiful network, working together to establish a community based on respect and of course, a love of horror. I encourage you to find a movie in the back catalog you’ve never seen; you just might discover a new favorite


Episode 45: “Saw” with special guest Laura Haase (1 hour, 12 minutes)

For this episode, I’m joined by my pal Laura Haase to chat about her pick for the best horror movie ever made, Saw from 2004! We start out talking about her horror proclivities before getting into the actual movie and breaking it down.

The discussion includes an analysis of the film’s editing style, with some exclusive information from editor of Saw and director of later installments, Kevin Greutert. We also discuss the selfish nature of humanity as portrayed in this movie, while I practice my Jigsaw impression. We explore the iconography of the franchise and the construction of Billy the Puppet, including one thing that he lost in between the original short film and this – much to my chagrin.

Easter eggs like Stygian Street come up, as does discussion of the twin self-destructive obsessions of Jigsaw and Detective Tapp, plus Doctor Gordon’s degrading home life. Eventually, we get into the humble beginnings of this movie that would become its own sub genre, and how it effectively utilizes twists and turns to keep the viewer off balance as it leads to an exciting and satisfying ending. We finish by digging into the ethics of Jigsaw and John Kramer’s God Complex.

Visit to check out more great episodes of the show. My favorite “first time watch” episode so far is Lost Highway with Paul Ritchey, or check out the time I dragged my friend Kurstyn on to discuss The Witch, one of my personal favorites. 

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