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Dedman’s Morbid Mausoleum of Dark Poetry: Amorousness Of The Necrotic Divinity (Original Work, Exclusively Published on Morbidly Beautiful)

In my nightmares She is there as we walk hand in hand through the graveyards foggy shroud,

An icy cold grip binds me alongside the Goddess as my emotions are fearful and yet proud?


Cold, unflinching eyes of milky white bore into mine with the promise of ethereal pleasure,

Long red hair still flows with the smell of dirt and fetid flowers, such an olfactory treasure!


The moon highlights skin of alabaster and gray, yet no trace of maggot or rot to be seen,

Her body exquisitely accented by a flawless burial gown of silk and lace fit for only a queen;


Romanticism be damned as wings as black as midnight unfurl the lust that exists between us,

Lips blood red part as She leans in for Death’s kiss, an onyx tongue searching in a matter so treasonous;


Thoughts of unsanctified copulation inundate my thoughts as Her embrace tightens and claws extend,

There is no resistance or want to escape the insatiable lust that we together shall transcend;


The frostiness of Her flesh belies the heat of passion that wells from the Goddess’ carnal scheme,

And I as pass through the gates of Damnation for my sins I simply wish harder for this eternal dream…

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