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Dedman’s Morbid Mausoleum of Dark Poetry: A Luxuria Compact In The Temptresses Eden (Original Work, Exclusively Published on Morbidly Beautiful)


Hypnotic is the call, infectious is the touch, damning is the undeniable lust which She exudes,

Willpower is drained, feverish desire weakens the body, any chance of Her mercy precludes;


The crimes against humanity I am willing to commit in service to the Goddess pale Heaven’s gaze,

Remorseless and unrepentant thoughts help but to stoke the eternal Hell Fire’s blaze;


Practice of necromantic rights has granted visitation with the unholiest of beauty in dark splendor,

Stories of ancient past do little to explicate the glorious nature of Her coquetry gender;


Worship is all but demanded, exotic experimentations promised, bargains meant for eternity absolved,

Unconsecrated supplication has been granted, carnal acts made, a mortal man now evolved;


Whispers of promise bore through my mind like the maggots that infest necrotic corpses in their tomb,

Beauty of rot and the stench of decay are the perfume that intoxicate me to Her insatiable womb;


Blood red lips and forked tongue so black command damnation and titillate with obscenity complete,

Never has this level of depravity ever been quenched inside, nor could a mortal woman ever compete;


A bargain has been brokered, a soul exchanged for wanton lust, damnation utterly claimed,

Unbreakable the contract, a void once empty now full, my black heart in Her hands is now untamed…

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