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Dedman’s Morbid Mausoleum of Dark Poetry: Worship of the Goddess (Original Work, Exclusively Published on Morbidly Beautiful)

The expanse of my worship for Her knows no bounds, blistering my dispositions aphrodisia,
The desire to kiss and bite, skin of alabaster white, soothing my demons like an anaesthesia;

 Hair as red as the flames of Hell and just as long in its torment, teasing as it covers Her dark visage,
A mouth slightly parted, sharp teeth shine with intent, the Goddess in human form glorious as an image;

 A body so flushed and yet wintry at the same season, my rapture to burn and freeze at a fingers raise,
Wrapped in Her macabre embrace, nails furrowing flesh till bloody, yearning for Nymphetamine ways;

 I willingly immolate myself at the alter in hopes of acknowledgment, to be the Her lone attendant,
Claim and curse me, embrace and indulge me, give me the unearthly affection that is transcendent…

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