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Jerry and Mike try to stay sane by embracing the total insanity of “Mandy” while debating if it’s the good kind of crazy…or just the crazy kind.

In this very special one-off episode of the podcast, we take a psychedelic trip with the bizarre and highly buzzed about revenge horror film Mandy.


THE POD AND THE PENDULUM is a weekly cast that explores popular horror franchises, one film at a time. From heavy hitters like Friday the 13th, to the direct-to-video titles like Subspecies, hosts Jerry Smith and Mike Snoonian — along with their special guests — have you covered!


Show MoreA very active member of the horror writing community for a decade now, Jerry Smith is a journalist and filmmaker hailing from the great state of California. His work can currently be found in Scream Magazine, Dread Central and right here on Morbidly Beautiful, where he is also the Original Horror Fiction Editor responsible for editing and curating Blood on the Digital Page. In the past, Smith has also written for horror heavyweights Icons of Fright,, Fangoria and Delirium Magazine. Jerry bows at the altar of John Carpenter and Tove Lo and is also an advocate of mental health. Show MoreEver since his grandmother used to pay him five bucks to stay up late and watch creature features with her on the old black and white television, Mike Snoonian has been a fan of horror movies. In 2009 he started the blog All Things Horror (later retitled Film Thrills) which placed an emphasis on independent horror. Since 2013, he’s served as a host and programmer for the Telluride Horror Show, and programmed a monthly indie horror night in Boston from 2010 until 2014. Mike took a break from writing upon entering grad school, and with his master’s degree in mental health counseling, Mike works as a therapist and school counselor. He often explores horror through the lens of mental health and illness. His nine year old daughter’s current favorite movie is The Dream Warriors, so he feels like he’s doing something right as a dad.

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Episode 50: Mandy (2 hours, 28 minutes)

It’s the episode no one thought would ever happen. For our fiftieth show, Mike gives in to talk about the movie he swore on his mother’s future grave he would never talk about, the 2018 action-horror jam MANDY.

While most of the horror community and Film Twitter have embraced this one with open arms, Mike has bashed this movie at every opportunity, likening it to the day his dad passed away in terms of the negative emotions it stirs up.

Thankfully, we have Jerry on hand to keep things on an even keel and to extol the virtues of Panos Cosmatos’ art house horror flick starring Nic Cage doing Nic Cage things. We also check in with one another to see how we’re holding up during the pandemic, what we’re watching and what we’re doing to try and keep ourselves sane.

For those who want to jump to the commentary, it begins at the 29:11 mark. We are watching via Shudder, who coincidentally are offering a 30 day free trial if you use the code SHUDDERSHUTIN.

Check out this week’s episode below. And be sure to tune in every Thursday for new episodes of THE POD AND THE PENDULUM on the Morbidly Beautiful Network. 


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