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From writer and broadcaster, Casey Chaplin, comes his directorial debut, “The Summoning”, premiering exclusively on Morbidly Beautiful.

We here at Morbidly Beautiful are so thrilled to have the honor of hosting the world premiere of the new short from established author, photographer, and podcaster Casey Chaplin.

The Summoning marks Chaplin’s directorial debut, and it’s a bold and confident endeavor that signifies a promising future in independent filmmaking.   

Follow a young woman on her mysterious journey to summon something otherworldly in hopes of obtaining her heart’s greatest desire. This experimental horror film boasts plenty of suspense in its short nine-minute runtime, as well as an intriguing and startling climax.

Chaplin does an exceptional job creating a chilling atmosphere of anticipation and dread, delivering moments that are both unsettling and tantalizingly subversive.

Writer/Director Casey Chaplin is an accomplished author, having published two horror novels: “Lizzy” and “Necromancy…And Other Mystical Things”. Beyond writing the macabre, he’s also an experienced podcaster, hosting both the Ominous Origins and By the Candle’s Light podcasts. Both podcasts reflect his passion for horror. Finally, Chaplin has years of experience as a photographer, and he was able to transfer that expertise to the art of cinematography for his venture into filmmaking.

He’s also a voice and screen actor, and he lends his acting talents to The Summoning, in addition to writing, directing, and producing the short.

We encourage you to take less than ten minutes out of your day to check out the unflinching work of an up-and-coming director. Support the spirit of truly independent, risk-taking, DIY filmmaking. Morbidly Beautiful is currently the only place you can watch THE SUMMONING.

WARNING: This video contains explicit nudity (male and female), as well as some sexual content, and it is intended for mature audiences only. The below video is restricted to those 18 and older. NSFW. 

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