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We’re passionate about film, have deep respect and love for the genre, and dedicate our time and talents to supporting indie filmmakers.

We are thrilled to consider your feature or short film for review. Our team of talented writers and experienced film critics is always ready and willing to celebrate and spotlight great new genre films/filmmakers. We have a soft spot for indie filmmakers and love to help spread the word about films that may not have the marketing budget to get the amplification they deserve.

Note that all reviews are unpaid, and all writers work on a volunteer basis out of a passion for the genre. However, we receive more review requests than we have available reviewers, so we can’t always review every film submitted to us, especially if reviews are time-sensitive.

Our writers do not work on assignments and have the freedom to select from our library of screeners based on interest, time sensitivity, and availability. 

Every review includes the following:

  • A fair and balanced review by an experienced Morbidly Beautiful Official Film Critic
  • Professionally edited, fact-checked, and polished for publication
  • Professional graphic design, elegant formatting for enhanced readability, and SEO optimization
  • Featured on our home page for a period of time and included in our weekly email newsletter
  • Promoted on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram platforms
  • Included stills and trailers, if available
  • A star rating from 1-5 and Google-friendly review synopsis
  • No on-page advertising

While we don’t charge for reviews, we do allow you to pay a nominal fee for the following:

  1. Guaranteed publication of your review (fair, balanced, and unbiased; a positive review is not guaranteed)
  2. Priority processing for reviews that must be published within 1-2 weeks
  3. Rotten Tomatoes critic review (note, availability for our RT critics is extremely limited; we encourage you to pay for premium processing if this is important to you)

Any writer/no rush = $35

Any writer/expedited (within 2 weeks) = $50

Any writer/urgent (within 1 week) = $75

Lead writer (Rotten Tomatoes approved) /no rush = $50

Lead writer (RT approved)/expedited (2 weeks) = $75

Lead writer (RT approved)/urgent (1 week) = $100

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to pay for a review. Payment is only recommended if you want to guarantee publication in a timely manner or you have specific needs, such as a Rotten Tomatoes review in addition to your review. Choosing not to pay does not hurt your chances for a timely review. The only factors involved are writer availability, interest, and current review volume.