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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement reflects our purpose and core values. This infuses everything we do — from the writers we hire to the content we curate.

Morbidly Beautiful was founded on three guiding principles upon which we built our mission:

1. Horror is more than a genre, it is a community.

We are proud to be a part of that community, and we strive to be a positive and supportive voice within the community we love and respect. Within the community, we may not always agree; but every voice deserves to be heard and every fan deserves to feel welcome.

2. Horror fans and creators deserve respect, as does the genre itself.

We believe horror is extremely important, and it deserves to be talked about alongside all great cinema, literature and art. We believe horror has the power to change and shape lives, and we work hard everyday to honor the significant impact of the genre. All art has inherent value. And while not everything connects with everyone, we honor every creator who dedicates their time and talent to bringing art into the world.

3. Our definition of horror is broad, and we don’t believe in strict definitions meant to denigrate, stigmatize, or marginalize genre content or creators.

Everyone has a very personal relationship to fear, and different kinds of stories tap into different fears. We don’t believe in derogatory terms like “elevated horror”. Horror is a genre that has always leant itself to intelligent, thoughtful, deeply meaningful and moving exploration.

We do not believe in any restrictions that seek to define what a “real” horror fan is. If you love the genre, in any or all of its forms, you are one of us. And you are welcome.

From these guiding principles, we crafted the following Mission Statement to help us ensure we are always doing the right thing.

  1. We believe strongly in diversity. Diversity means marginalized voices have a platform on our site and will always be welcome and supported. It also means dissenting opinions will be given the same respect and platform. We celebrate all voices, not just the ones that echo the personal perspective as editors of the site or that of our writing staff.
  2. We champion the underdog and will always place a strong emphasis on independent art and underrepresented voices in the genre. However, we do not entirely avoid mainstream media coverage or popular opinions/well represented voices.
  3. We do not shy away from controversial topics on either side of an argument. But we will always demand respectful dialogue and will never tolerate hateful, violent rhetoric, bullying, libel, or speech meant to incite.
  4. We are not a political site and we do not represent any one specific group or ideological platform. We are a horror entertainment site first and foremost. We are journalists. We cover all aspects of the genre, and we do not censor voices or ideas.
  5. You won’t always agree, but you will always be welcome. You may not like everything we post. That’s the nature of the dialogue and diversity of ideas we encourage. But you will always be heard, you will always have a voice, and you will always have a platform to respectfully express your thoughts and feelings on any topic.