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Contributor Needs

Interested in writing for Morbidly Beautiful? Read on to learn more about current content needs and contributor opportunities.

While we are always open to unique ideas, fresh perspectives, and creative pitches for new content, below are some established areas in the site where we are always looking for contributions. We provide this to help you tailor your pitches and submissions to our current needs in an effort to increase your chance of publication. We also know it can be challenging to think of topics to write about, so we hope this list inspires you.

We also have a few select opportunities for highly qualified candidates to join us as a Column Editor, Section Editor, or another specialized role on the site. Read on to learn more! If you’re interested, please reach out to us via email at editor @ Or use that chat button in the bottom right corner to reach us directly via Facebook messenger.

Columns to Contribute to:

Items with a star next to them are available to claim for exclusive coverage (you’ll receive your own column with a custom graphic and writer profile; you must commit to writing at least once a month for your column). 

  • New Indie Film Reviews (screeners)
  • Reviews of new streaming releases (Shudder, Netflix, Hulu, Tubi, etc.)
  • Geek Chic:  Reviews of games, anime, or manga
  • Fourfront (4 great films of a subgenre)
  • Triple Threat (triple feature around a common theme)
  • Five on It (5 underrated films around a common theme available to stream)
  • Head to Head (comparing original to remake)
  • Digging Up Bones (streaming films you may have missed)
  • Weird Wednesday (oddities and absurdities)
  • Digging Deep (in-depth analysis of a film)
  • VOD Verdict: Stream for Free, Rent It, or Skip It
  • Interviews (email or Zoom)
  • Second Chance (another look at a film you hated)
  • Like That? Try This (4 similar titles to a new release)
  • Childhood Horror (revisiting horror favorites from your youth)
  • Welcome to the Arthouse (exploring arthouse horror)
  • Let’s Talk About (editorials)
  • Horror Fiction
The Politics of Horror (social horror/horror with a message)
Foreign Films
Feminist Horror
Extreme or Subversive Horror
Diversity in Horror (horror films helmed by or centered around minority or fringe groups)
Horror Analysis (scholarly articles)

Other ideas or interests? We’re always open and eager to hear your pitches!

Section Editors Needed:

Section Editors must be Lead Writers on the site (2+ articles/mo), agree to contribute at least 1 article/mo to their section, have exceptional writing and editing skills, and be active and engaged in our community. As an editor, you will: receive the first pick of all screeners/review copies/passes/etc for your section, have site editing access, have the autonomy to build and mentor a team for your section. 

  • Horror Fiction
  • Extreme Horror
  • LGBTQ+ Horror
  • Gaming/Manga/Anime
  • Black Horror
  • Women in Horror
  • Foreign Film
  • Interviews
  • Artist Spotlight

Special Roles Needed:

These are unique positions on the site for both writers and non-writers who want to contribute to the site on a larger scale. 

  • Horror Historian – keep our team current on all horror anniversaries, birthdays, etc. we can celebrate
  • Twitter Manager – keep our audience engaged with articles, reshares, memes, and other exciting content
  • YouTube host
  • Podcast host