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Morbidly Beautiful is currently looking for contributors and section editors to join our diverse team of passionate horror journalists.

Morbidly Beautiful was founded in October 2015. As a  site dedicated to providing great content for hardcore horror fans, we are looking for talented and passionate writers who love and respect the genre as much as we do. Whether you’re interested in contributing as a guest columnist or taking on a more active role as a member of the Morbidly Beautiful crew, we want to hear from you!

This site has been growing at a rapid pace, with members of our team enjoying many benefits, inclluding: a first look at new horror releases, the chance to network with other members of the horror community, the opportunity to meet and interview important filmmakers and artists in the genre, opportunities to cover major horror events and film festivals, great exposure, and extensive creative freedom.


Morbidly Beautiful is a not-for-profit site, and all positions are currently volunteer only (unpaid). 

  • Screener Reviews*
  • Filmmaker/Artist Interviews
  • Horror Event/Film Fest Coverage
  • Industry/Genre Analysis
  • Literature/Music/New Product Reviews
  • General Opinion Pieces
  • Streaming Spotlight
  • Horror Anniversaries
  • Breaking News
  • Diversity/Representation in Horror
  • Gaming Team
  • Or….we’re open to your great ideas and creative recommendations

*Typically, screeners are reserved for staff writers. However, if you are applying for a staff writer position and would like to join our review team, limited access may be granted for purpose of your application process. You may email us at [email protected] to request access to this library.

Why Join Morbidly Beautiful?

We know there are much bigger sites you could be a part of. But, what we lack in size, we make up for by treating our contributors like family. If you’re passionate and dedicated, we give you a high degree of creative input and content flexibility. You have the chance to develop your own niche and truly express your passion for the genre. Instead of just a byline, you can earn your own column and bio on the site, with each of your articles heavily promoted on our social media channels.

Instead of being a small and insignificant fish in a very big pond, you’ll be a highly valued and key contributing member of a groundbreaking and rapidly growing horror site. The future opportunities are endless. 

Morbidly Beautiful is already gaining a tremendous reputation in the horror community and horror film industry, and we’d love you to be a part of that. Although current opportunities are unpaid, you’ll enjoy: great creative freedom, the chance to set your own deadlines, the opportunity to grow as a genre writer and receive great exposure, plus many other exclusive benefits.

Even if you have no other previous experience, we want to hear from you. Because we are a newer site, we’re willing to work with young and passionate writers and give you the chance to grow with us.