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Looking to expand your reach and enhance your show’s profile? We invite you to join the diverse and rapidly growing Morbidly Beautiful Podcast Network.

In addition to a rapidly growing, diverse, and well-respected site dedicated to genre, fringe, and independent art and entertainment, we also run a podcast network featuring a wide variety of consistently excellent programming. We strive to have something for everyone and to showcase many diverse and underrepresented voices in the genre. ​

If you decide to partner with Morbidly Beautiful, we can assure you we will be a supportive platform that celebrates diversity; a place where you can feel proud to call home. 

View the current shows that make up the Morbidly Beautiful podcasting family. 

What can you expect as part of the Morbidly Beautiful network? 

  • You continue to produce your amazing podcast.
  • Morbidly Beautiful will act as a platform for any digital media you produce, in addition to anywhere else you continue to post it.
  • Our digital amplification team will work to ensure that your content gets seen across social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • There are no fees for hosting with Morbidly Beautiful or for accessing content. If you have your own revenue stream via ads or patrons, you can keep that revenue stream and will not owe Morbidly Beautiful anything. As a not-for-profit, Morbidly Beautiful does not seek to make money when boosting diverse genre voices.
  • We do ask that you mention once per episode and somewhere on your website (if you have one) that your podcast is part of the Morbidly Beautiful family of podcasts.

If you would like to submit your podcast for consideration, please click the LAUNCH ME button below to begin the easy application process. Or email us if you  have questions prior to applying. 

Benefits of Joining the Morbidly Beautiful Podcast Network:

1. We are a not-for-profit horror-based site.

We are focused exclusively on delivering exceptional, high quality content with the utmost respect for the user experience. All of our writers are passionate about the genre and are committed to championing the celebration of talent and art that has been underrepresented on similar sites.

2. We champion diversity. 

We are a site of very diverse voices and content, run by a woman and a transgender man. We’ve been fully committed to diversity since we first began the site five years ago, and that commitment has never waned. Our writing staff is incredibly diverse, with a large percentage of women/minority/LGBTQ writers (several of which are on our leadership board).

3. We give back to the horror community. 

We regularly promote and sponsor community fundraising events, donate to a variety of important causes, financially support a large number of crowdfunding campaigns, help produce small and micro-budget indie films and endeavors, and sponsor a variety of festivals and events designed to celebrate diversity, including both the Ax Wound Film Festival (Women in Horror Month) and the Women in Horror Film Festival.

4. We honor the depth and breadth of the genre.

We are as committed to diversity of content as diversity of talent. Our genre focus extends well beyond film to art, music, literature, video games, and even original horror fiction. And our breadth of film coverage includes independent, cult, fringe, arthouse, extreme, sci-fi, documentary, classic, foreign, subversive horror and beyond.

5. We bleed horror.

We are fans, first and foremost. We are diehard horror fans who love and respect the genre and genre creators.

6. There are zero costs to you, the podcaster.

We provide a platform at no cost. If you do not currently have a host for your podcast, we will host the show for you. Morbidly Beautiful pays all associated hosting fees. We do not ask for a cut of your Patreon or sponsorship dollars. Whatever fan or advertising support you seek for the show belongs to you. Essentially, we become sponsors of the podcast and seek no financial benefit from our sponsorship. Our sole goal is to curate exceptional content for our audience.

7. We are here to promote and support you.

We aggressively promote the podcast, creating a post for every episode on the site and sharing across our social network. We offer no cost, professional design services to develop branded, attention-getting promotional graphics if needed.

8. We are a professional site, fully committed to your growth.

We have a leadership team committed to helping us grow the site and amplify our content, including a dedicated social media manager, a community outreach director, a diversity editor, and a program director who helps support our podcasting network.

9. We expand your existing audience.

While we will host the show on our site and embed all episodes, you can continue to encourage listeners to access the show from their preferred podcast platform (ie, iTunes or Stitcher). We will actively promote your Patreon and any sponsors or special content attached to the show that you want amplified.

10. We put your content front and center.

You will have a profile on the site, your podcast will be prominently featured on our Podcast Network page, and you all episodes of the show hosted on the network will be permanently archived and accessible/searchable from the site.