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Join us as and special guest, Andrew Jara, for a conspiracy horror double feature: “The Empty Man” and “Broadcast Signal Intrusion”.

Broadcast Signal Intrusion

Broadcast Signal Intrusion

This one goes all the way to the top… or does it? Candace and Ariel are joined by filmmaker and fellow podcaster Andrew Jara to talk about (suspiciously?) under-watched mind-bending conspiracy moves, including the creepypasta/urban legend-inspired thriller The Empty Man (2020) and the atmospheric and noir-ish Broadcast Signal Intrusion (2021).

The Empty Man is a 2020 supernatural horror film written and directed by David Prior in his feature directorial debut, based on Cullen Bunn and Vanesa R. Del Rey’s graphic novel of the same name published by Boom! Studios. The film stars James Badge Dale, Marin Ireland, Stephen Root, Ron Canada, Robert Aramayo, Joel Courtney, and Sasha Frolova. It follows an ex-cop who, upon an investigation into a missing girl, discovers a secret cult.

Broadcast Signal Intrusion is a 2021 horror suspense film directed by Jacob Gentry. The film focuses on a man investigating the phenomenon of broadcast signal intrusions, which may be related to disappearances.

Our connection was a little spotty during this recording, so please forgive us if we accidentally a word or sentence here or there. Also, please be warned we do address sexual assault and suicide in our discussion, though these topics aren’t directly portrayed in either film.

Check out our guest Andrew’s podcast, The Bomb Squad as well as his new film, The Empty Space, available now on Blu-ray or Vudu.

A proud part of the Morbidly Beautiful Podcast Network. Our drive for intersectionality aligns well with the Morbidly Beautiful ethos. We love that MB is a nonprofit that gives back to the horror community, and are thrilled to be a part of the network! Show now also streaming on!

Movies Discussed: The Empty Man (2020), Broadcast Signal Intrusion (2021)

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