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We discuss the shiny new holiday horror Slasher Santa brought us this year: “A Creature Was Stirring” and “It’s a Wonderful Knife”.

It's a Wonderful Knife

We begin, as always, with a discussion of the latest horror news.

Hollywood was crippled by strikes earlier this year. This led to several delays and changes, including Dune: Part II. Thankfully, some great character posters were released.

We also talk about one of the least talked about movies from one of our favorite actors. Plus, we take a look at the potentially great genre offerings coming at the end of the first week of December.

Then, it’s on to our featured reviews, unwrapping a couple of recent holiday horror releases. 

A Creature Was Stirring sounds like it is going to be a goofy holiday horror movie. A mother carefully takes care of her daughter who is suffering from a mysterious sickness. When two burglars break into her home, she is forced to confront her checkered past.

Along the way, there is a unique creature, some well-done Christmas vibes, and a pretty creepy story. However, the film’s ending completely threw us for a loop. It all but ruins every bit of goodwill built by introducing a plot twist that makes little sense in the story’s context.

We try to make sense of it and disagree over what it means for the movie as a whole. It also leads to the requisite conversation about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie. (Spoiler alert: it isn’t.)

It’s a Wonderful Knife is a title that seems to trap a movie into being little more than a spoof. While there are some allusions to the Frank Capra classic, the 2023 film brings some fun new elements.

There are great characters, a fantastic villain, and a well-paced story that does not waste any time. It is a great addition to anyone’s holiday horror catalog overall.


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