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We wrap the festive season by talking about a holiday horror miss and highlighting one of 2023’s most unexpected releases, “Mister Organ”.

We begin, as always, with a discussion of the latest horror news. There is a surprising amount of it this week.

Godzilla Minus One has done well among critics and audiences. This has led to a re-release that sounds pretty cool. For the time being, it is only in Japan, but we are sure it will come to America. We also talk about two upcoming sequels. One has us excited; the other? Not so much.

Then, it’s on to our featured reviews, including a chilling new documentary and a look back at a unique holiday horror release. 

We have been planning on talking about Mister Organ for weeks now. The documentary sounds innocent enough. An investigative reporter finds out about a strange parking scam and decides to follow up. It ends up being a mistake that changes his life for the worse.

The titular character is one of the most terrifying people ever captured on film. He is manipulative and calculating and always seems to be one step ahead of everyone. We talk about how unremarkable he seems to be (this adds to how frightening he is) and how Mister Organ uses interviews and lots of conversations to showcase how terrifying he is. This includes an epic rant from Blake.

Mister Organ

Finally, we close out our holiday horror shows with the world’s only zombie apocalypse musical.

When Anna and the Apocalypse was released six years ago, it seemed destined to be a Yuletide regular. So why did it fail to even reach cult status?

The simple answer, at least for us, is that it is not that good. The idea is creative, and the setting is perfect for what the creators had in mind. Unfortunately, the mix of comedy and high drama never effectively comes together. The songs are decent but derail the more serious aspects. The more horrific scenes take away all the fun.

In the opinion of this podcast, Anna and the Apocalypse is a mess, and we discuss why. However, it’s important to note that not everyone agrees with our sentiment, and the film certainly has its share of devoted fans.


Adventures in Movies! is hosted by Nathaniel and Blake. You can find Nathaniel on Instagram at nathaninpoortaste. Blake can be found on Twitter @foureyedhorror and on Instagram at foureyedhorror.

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