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It’s time for another satisfyingly sinister tale by the candle’s light. This week, an artist goes to great lengths to protect her light from the darkness.

By the Candle's Light


Sitting alone in a dark room, on a moody and atmospheric night is the perfect place to listen to By the Candle’s Light. Through the art of storytelling, this podcast is for those who enjoy campfire stories, with a darker touch than the tradition. Each week we will be exploring the darker side of the human condition from lust to envy, and everything in between. All of the stories you hear are original pieces, written solely for the podcast. So hunker down and get comfortable, for you might just need something to hold tight.

Now in its second season, By the Candle’s Light is now proudly part of the Morbidly Beautiful Podcasting Network. 

Your host, Casey Chaplin, is an experienced podcaster and broadcaster with a passion that has spanned over a ten year career in the media industry. He is a contributor, podcast host, and Programming Director for Morbidly Beautiful. You can go here to listen to Casey’s other weekly Horror Shots Podcast, dedicated to exploring myths, legends, cryptids, and tales of the unexplained.

Season 2, Episode 5: The Artist (11 min)

Today’s story is our last for a while. It has us looking at an artist and her work, and how she sinks her entire life into her paintings. She saw the beauty in every little thing, and she exuded a light that not many others in the world could even comprehend. But this light made her protective, it made her draw inwards. But her aura, her spirit, it needed sustenance. Care needs to be taken when working with such a person. She had her rules and rarely broke them – but a persuasive circumstance forced her to break her biggest rule, and in turn feed her light for a while longer.

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