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Credited with the rise of survival horror, “Resident Evil” is one of the most influential video games of all time, and fans can’t get enough.

Resident Evil  (Also known as Biohazard in Japan and Southeast Asia) is one of the most iconic horror game franchises ever, inspiring many newer horror games such as Diablo 4. It’s Capcom’s best-selling franchise and the best-selling horror game series. First launched for PlayStation 1 in 1996 and created by Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara, Resident Evil has spawned a massive franchise — including numerous games, live-action and animated films, television series, comic books and novels, and more — and a passionate fanbase.

As with any franchise with a massive following, the fans of RE have come up with many theories revolving around the plot and characters of the iconic game franchise. Here are some of the best Resident Evil fan theories the internet has to offer.

1. Albert Wesker is Still Alive

Albert Wesker is a creation of the Umbrella Corporation and the creator of the T virus. He is one of the biggest villains of the franchise. At the end of Resident Evil 5, Albert Wesker appears to be killed when his helicopter is shot down by Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. However, some fans believe he may have survived the helicopter crash.

The main evidence for this theory can be found in the Resident Evil spinoff, The Umbrella Chronicles. Players can hear Albert Wesker’s voice when they earn a decisive win in multiplayer mode, possibly suggesting a return in future installments of the game,

2. Ethan Works for Umbrella

In Resident Evil 7, players are introduced to a character named Ethan Winters, a civilian looking for his wife, who had disappeared three years before the events of the game. However, some fans believe he may not be as innocent as he appears.

Some eagle-eyed players have noticed Ethan’s name in an Umbrella Corporation operative’s diary in Resident Evil 5. This observation, paired with the lack of explanation of Ethan’s origin and background, makes him a suspicious character, to say the least.

3. Ada is the Voice on the Phone

Enigmatic spy Ada Wong supposedly dies from falling off a bridge as early as Resident Evil 2. However, as is the case with Albert Wesker, many fans believe she may have actually survived.

Many suspect Ada’s voice makes an unexpected cameo in Resident Evil 7 through a cryptic phone call. It’s believed this could be Ada’s clone that had appeared in Resident Evil 6. However, others insist this is the original Ada due to the mysterious nature of the phone call.

4. Devil May Cry is Set After Resident Evil

Devil May Cry was developed from an early build of Resident Evil 4, leading many fans to believe their stories may be connected in some way. Many fans believe that Resident Evil and the Devil May Cry not only share the same universe but that the events of  Devil May Cry take place directly after the events of the last Resident Evil.

The theory states that as the zombie outbreak portrayed in the RE games gets worse, they slowly wipe out the earth’s population. The events of Devil May Cry pick up directly after this apocalyptic event.

5. The Umbrella Corporation is a Front for the Catholic Church

The Umbrella Corporation is the biggest ominous villain of the Resident Evil franchise. It is the originator of the apocalyptic T-virus and the source of horrifying human experiments. But many fans wonder if there is something even more sinister going on under the surface.

Some insist the Umbrella Corporation is either funded by or is an alternative identity for the Catholic Church. The main evidence of this is the Umbrella Corporation logo. Many believe the Umbrella Corp logo somewhat resembles a modified version of a Maltese cross, a symbol commonly used by the Catholic church.

6. The Film Series is an Umbrella Corporation Simulation

The RE video game franchise has gained so much popularity since its release in 1996 that it has inspired several movies. Where the events of the movies fall in the overall universe of the franchise is a topic of debate among long-time Resident Evil fans. One fan theory attempts to explain this by arguing that the Resident Evil films are actually an Umbrella Simulation.

This theory states that the Resident Evil movies are a simulation run by the Umbrella Corporation to prepare for the zombie outbreak. They may have even run the simulation before the events of the first RE game, meaning they had predicted what would happen during the apocalypse and went through with their plans anyway.

This not only ties the events of the Resident Evil movies to the franchise as a whole in a nice, neat way, but it really puts the shadowy practices and moral bankruptcy of the Umbrella Corporation into more perspective, adding another interesting layer to the overarching plot of the franchise as a whole.

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