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Now Read This: The Digital Dead Issue 12, with over 100 pages of horror reviews, interviews, and more is now available to read for free online.

Digital Dead

We now turn into the unmitigated heat that always comes in the month of August, so now I step away from my casket and head indoors to my air conditioned funeral parlor to spread my sickness to the great horror fans of the UK!  As I kind of got my start in magazines back in the early 2000s with GoreZone (UK) Magazine, I always felt like I was missing something when I left them.  Now, thanks to Jason Wright (editor), I get to continue that great legacy as I continue to write for The Digital Dead Magazine.

As they are primarily a magazine that focuses on zombie culture, they give me very unique opportunities to express my views to their core audience. In this particular issue, I get to bring the highly successful Deadly Beauty series that I write for Morbidly Beautiful to their pages with Actress Liane Langford as the focus!  So now, not only do my American readers get to read about the amazing female talent I interview, the UK fans get a taste of how we handle things at Morbidly Beautiful.

Also make sure to see the AMAZING full page that EIC “The Angry Princess” Stephanie Malone (of Morbidly Beautiful, of course) created for The Calling Hours Horror Podcast in this issue and every issue going forward.  I am very honored to write for both the site and the magazine, and I hope it leads to more views and readership for both.  So without further ado, let’s start this autopsy!

Digital Dead

“The Digital Dead Issue 12 has arrived. With horror stories, world class interviews and spot on reviews, it promises to satisfy even the hungriest of horror appetites. In this issue we have excited even ourselves with some great interviews, including an exclusive interview with Dominic Brunt about his new film Attack of the Adult Babies.

There are interviews with Scream Queen Emily Kirk and Phyllis Spielman! Also, in this issue, the “Dedman” Michael Jones of Morbidly Beautiful and The Calling Hours Horror Podcast (exclusively on Morbidly Beautiful Radio and internationally syndicated on MileHiRadio) brings his “Deadly Beauty” series to The Digital Dead Magazine as he interviews our Woman in Horror for this issue:  Liane Langord!

Our screaming corner regular Genoveva Rossi talks about the intriguing film Toxic Tutu. So whether your horror tastes are in the extreme, classic, indie or mainstream, our wide range of everything horror will have something to quench the thirst of even the blood thirstiest fan.”

Click here to read the issue for free online!

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