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Editor's Note
The following are current topic ideas for guest and staff content, including reviews, editorials, lists, and other topics. This list is updated frequently to reflect current content needs. Last Updated: 12/8/2020


If you plan to submit an article, please email [email protected] to let us know so we can plan for it in the content schedule should your submission be approved. Due dates listed may be flexible. If you want to write about a topic below but need more time, email our editor to discuss.

  • Best Sci-Fi Horror Films (Sci-Fi Day: 1/2) – Due 12/31
  • Horror Films About Birds (Bird Day: 1/5) – Due 1/2
  • John Carpenter Tribute (Born 1/16) – Due 1/11
  • David Lynch Tribute (Born 1/20) – Due 1/13
  • George Romero Tribute (Born 2/4) – Due 1/30
  • Best of 2020 Lists (books, movies, shorts, music, video games, podcasts, etc)


  • Women in Horror Month
  • Black History Month
  • Best female-driven films and/or badass women in horror
  • Most underrated final girls
  • Best female fights back/revenge movies
  • Women in Horror Interviews/Lists/Spotlights
  • Black Creators Interviews/Lists/Spotlights


1. Down the Video Aisle – Highlighting all the upcoming indie VOD/digital streaming releases for the month

2. Killer Shops – Regular column highlighting great indie horror shops and merchandise

3. Streaming Spotlight – Regular column highlighting the best in streaming content

4. This Week/Month in Horror – Highlighting horror film anniversaries (Horror Historian)


Reviews from our digital screener library.

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Typically, screeners are reserved for staff writers. However, if you are applying for a staff writer position and would like to join our review time, limited access may be granted for purpose of your application process. You may email us at [email protected] to request access to this library.

Ongoing Columns You May Contribute Content To:

  • Flashback/Retro Reviews
  • Foreign Films
  • Erotic/Exploitation Horror
  • Cult Distributor Reviews/Now on Blu
  • Streaming Reviews
  • Women in Horror
  • Diversity in Horror/Black Horror/LGBTQ+
  • Director Spotlight
  • Artist Spotlight
  • Horror Shops and Product Reviews/Announcements
  • Best of Lists
  • Take Two Review (a second opinion on a review previously done on the site)
  • Page to Screen (film adaptations of novels)
  • Controversial/Underground/Extreme Horror
  • Classic Horror
  • Indie Spotlight
  • Movie Night (streaming movie of the week recommendation)

Content Teams You May Join (Editor Positions Also Available):

  • Horror Fiction
  • Horror Shorts
  • Anime/Comics
  • Video Games
  • Indie Screeners
  • Festival Coverage (must be able to review several films in a short timeframe)
  • Interviews
  • Music

Ongoing Special Series You May Contribute Content To:

  • Head to Head: Remake vs Original (Example)
  • In Defense Of/Defending Polarizing Films (Example)
  • Digging Deep – film analysis/deeper themes (Example)
  • Four-Front – 4 great films in a given sub genre/style (Example)
  • Five On It – five films around a select theme, ideally lesser known films (Example
Expand for Five On It Content Ideas
  • There’s Something in the Water
  • Killer Bugs
  • Creature Feature
  • Killer Toys
  • Stranger Danger
  • It Came From Above
  • Natural Disaster
  • Body Horror
  • Sleeping With the Enemy
  • Parental Guidance
  • Girls Gone Wild
  • Politics are Hell
  • The Kids Are Not Alright
  • Other Ideas Welcome!