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From the art of kung-fu mastery to artistic genius, we explore a couple of wildly different new releases, “Fist of the Condor” and “Paint”.

Johnny Depp has helped audiences through some difficult times. We are not talking about any of his movies. We mean his trial with Amber Herd, which provided hours of entertainment during some dark moments. Just when it looked like Depp’s career was over, he is back, and you will not believe where. Plus, we dive into our excitement over the cast details for MaXXXine.

We recently saw John Wick: Chapter 4 and loved every second of it. When he found out one of the cast was in their own kung-fu movie, we knew we had to watch it. And we were not surprised, as Fist of the Condor had one of the most satisfying endings we have ever seen. But the rest of it was a confusing mess. Was a Renegade reference enough to save it?

Anyone who sees the posters for Paint will immediately think of Bob Ross. While The Joy of Painting host was a major influence, the IFC film tells its own story.

We discuss its varied comedy, well-written characters, and the strange decision to completely ignore one of the central characters. We also discuss the reason why the movie is receiving so much hate.

Plus, Genre of the Future!


Last week, we talked about Smoking Causes Coughing, which is unlike any other superhero movie out there. It brings together Power Rangers, anthology storytelling, and a talking fish.


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