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With Halloween on the horizon, these 11 films about haunted attractions should get you in the spooky spirit and inspire you to explore real life haunts.

Haunted Attraction Films

In my last Zombie Girl Guide, I shared my Destination Horror travel recommendations: 13 horrifically unusual places across the globe that should be be visited by horror fans. This month, I embrace the magic of the Halloween season and proudly bring you my 11 of my favorite horror films featuring haunted attractions.

Face it; we all like to be scared. But why do we enjoy going to haunted attractions? Having worked at numerous scary places as a monster and makeup artist, haunts have a special place in my black heart. For me, it’s the joy of seeing what cool stuff people will come up with, the awesome special effects makeup, and of course, the adrenalin rush!

Every year at Halloween (and joyfully, all year round now) there are places to go where the name of the game is to scare people so much, they pee their pants (trust me when I say that is a real thing!).

Even though I didn’t put this film on the list, this quote from Tom Hanks in his first film, 1980’s He Knows You’re Alone, sums up why we love to be scared:

“Horror movies, roller coasters, and the house of horror ride – you can face death without any real fear of dying. You can leave the movie or get off the ride with a vicarious thrill and the feeling that you just conquered death; one hell of a first-class rush!”

Connoisseurs of the bizarre, the gruesome, and the grotesque (yes, that’s from The Funhouse), step right up to 11 of my ghoulishly favorite films that are set in scream parks, escape rooms, extreme haunted houses, and scary attractions of all kinds. These are not in any special order.

I hope they help get you in the mood for the real thing!

If you still need more haunted attraction films, there are many others out there, but these are my some of my favorites. Honestly, my best advice is for you to get out there and walk, crawl, or scream your way through your local scare zones in person for a true Halloween fright experience. Of corpse, I hope you have a ghoulishly good time!

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  1. on October 9, 2019 at 6:39 pm
    Nik wrote:

    BLOOD FEST! What a great mention because that movie was horribly over shadowed by “Hell Fest” which was a let down & not very fun. More people need to hear about it.


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