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We get demented and disturbed with a look at a couple of nasty banned movies, “No Reason” and “Beyond the Darkness”.

No Reason

No Reason

We begin, as always, with a discussion of the latest horror news.

Last week came some stunning news that seems to have crippled the Scream franchise – at least for the time being. What does the future hold for one of horror’s most iconic series? Perhaps even more stunning has been the success of Blumhouse’s Five Nights at Freddy’s. Against the odds, it has become the studio’s highest-grossest movie of all time.

We also talk about the Nosferatu adaptation from Robert Eggers (The Witch, The Lighthouse).

Then, it’s on to our featured reviews as we look at a couple of banned movies

Over the course of 250 episodes, there has been no more appropriate title than 2010’s No Reason.

Graphic depictions of oral sex and babies being shot in the head are just a taste of what this extreme horror film has in store for anyone who dares to watch it. A series of random, horrific things happen over the course of one grisly hour, and even though a twist near the end tries to explain everything, it ends up being little more than shock cinema.

Sometimes, it seems like the Video Nasties list was made specifically for Italian horror movies.

Beyond the Darkness

One filmmaker who constantly caught heat was Joe D’Amato. Antropophagus was banned for its scenes of a monster strangling a pregnant woman, then taking the fetus from her womb and eating it. One of the Emanuelle movies he was in charge of featured a scene in which a woman ejaculated a horse.

D’Amoto may not be on the same plane as Dario Argento or Lucio Fulci, but he definitely left his mark.

Beyond the Darkness may be the perfect mix of sex and violence. Having plenty of each but not going overboard with either, the story pulls audiences in while disgusting them. The music (done by the always awesome Goblin) enhances the atmosphere, and while the story can get goofy and hard to understand, it is consistently fun.


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