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Authors Paul Gandersman and Peter Hall discuss their book ” The Dead Friends Society” plus join us for a retro review of the iconic “Scream”.

Adventures in Movies takes a literary turn this week. Filmmakers and first-time authors Paul Gandersman and Peter Hall join the show to discuss their new book. Paul is a film producer who has worked on films such as Scare Package, while Peter is a programmer at SXSW. They also talk about a horror classic from 1996 and have some recommendations from this year.


We have had some fantastic guests on the show in recent months, but none have been like Paul Gandersman and Peter Hall. For the first time, we have a pair of authors on the show.

Their book, The Dead Friends Society, is about a group of college friends who are murdered one night. Their spirits are trapped in the house they were murdered, but this turns out to be the least of their problems.

With the possible exception of mysteries, no genre owes more to its literary past than horror. The most beloved creatures can be found in books from centuries ago while stories that are still reused today are incredibly popular. It was well past time for us to spotlight a book on our humble little podcast.

Any horror fan will notice how the book’s cover is reminiscent of slashers from the 1980s.

The pair talk about the genesis of the cover (along with the illustrations within), the evolution of The Dead Friends Society from film to the novel, and the creation of The Fireman. There is also talk about what the future holds for the two.

Paul and Peter were also nice enough to stick around and talk about a movie. Their pick? The 1996 classic, Scream.

Wes Craven’s deconstruction of the slasher is one of the most important horror films of all time (and arguably, the most important of the past thirty years.) It is a film that has been copied and spoofed and entered the mainstream lexicon long ago.

When it comes to the film, the question is not so much, “What do you talk about?” but rather, “Where do you even begin?”

The iconic opening, the powerful third act, and the influence of Scream on modern horror are all discussed. Is it fair to say every horror movie of the 21st century owes a debt of gratitude to the influential movie?


Last week, we talked about a pair of recent, buzzworthy indie horror releases: Mark Hartley’s latest thriller Girl at the Window and the surprise sleeper hit Barbarian. We discuss surprise endings, discomfort, and new contenders for best horror directors.


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