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Join the Guilty Pleasures Crew for our after-party featuring more “Dead Silence” debate talk about creepy dolls, cinephile love, and more.

Join the Guilty Pleasures crew as we continue the conversation, hanging out after the show, shooting the shit, and talking about all our thoughts and feelings on this month’s featured film that we couldn’t fit into our regular, hour-long episode.

We had an amazing time recording our Dead Silence episode (if you missed it, don’t forget to tune in for a killer conversation). But we had so much to say on the subject that we needed more than our scheduled hour. On this after-show, we dig deeper into this polarizing early Aughts horror film and continue to argue its merits (or lack thereof).

Then we transition into nerdy film talk, including a discussion of our new spinoff NO NOTES podcast. We also discuss anime, real-life haunted (maybe) dolls, our love of shark horror, what we’ve been watching and what we’re excited to watch, and more! 

If you listen, you’ll get a much deeper understanding of who we are and what makes us tick as cinephiles. Plus, get some hints about what we might be covering in future episodes.



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