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It’s a furious double feature with the Irish folklore horror “All You Need is Death” and the Bruceplotation classic “Fists of Bruce Lee”.

In our new movie spotlight, we check out All You Need is Death — a great title for a comedy horror. Add some fun musical numbers and an ending involving a bad-looking George Harrison lookalike, and you got yourself a winner. However, if the plot is a serious one involving Irish folklore and odd secret organizations, it is one of the worst titles ever.

A bad title does not detract from a good film, though, especially when that film owes a big debt to David Lynch’s creepiest tendencies. Still, Lynch is definitely not for everyone, and neither is All You Need is Death.

It’s a movie that does so much right but still manages to get in its own way.

You can rent All You Need is Death on VOD.

Watch the trailer.

Next, Bruceploitation Month on the show continues with one of the better films in the subgenre. 

In this episode, we tried to do something different and review a movie with a plot. Sure, it is all just filler to take up space between the awesome fight scenes, but there is an actual story being told in Fists of Bruce Lee.

After covering last week’s travesty, it is nice to know that there are some movies that were trying to do more than cash in on Lee’s name.

You can watch Fists of Bruce Lee on Tubi.

Watch the trailer.


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