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This week, we unmask the new meta indie horror “Faceless After Dark” and end Bruceploitation Month with the man who ended Bruceploitation.

This week, in our new movie spotlight, we look at one indie horror actor’s attempt to battle her offscreen demons with deadly consequences.

Faceless After Dark stars Terrifer’s Jenna Kanell as an actor whose breakout role was in a movie about a killer clown. The synopsis is a little misleading (when she is held hostage by a fan dressed as said clown, she must do whatever she can to survive) as it is more of a revenge story than the logline implies. And that is just the first confusing thing.

The lead character is completely unlikable, the direction is headache-inducing, and the motivations are nonsensical. Are we supposed to root for Bowie Davidson (Kanell)? Why does she hate her fans so much? Is jealousy truly the root of all evil?

Faceless After Dark has something to say, and it touches on real issues like toxic fandom and gender, but it is all done in a way that is confusing and just plain insulting. This movie was directed toward Terrifier fans, and they will not like what it has to say.

You can rent Faceless After Dark on VOD.

Watch the trailer.

Bruceploitation Month ends with the most famous Bruce Lee imitator of all. 

He was also the person who brought an end to the genre.

Initially, Jackie Chan was supposed to continue in the footsteps of Dragon Lee, Bruce Li, Bruce Lea, and so many others. He did not want that and proceeded to carve out his own name. But not before he gave us 1976’s New Fist of Fury.

Xenophobia, confounding death scenes, a complete downer of an ending, and, of course, a completely random Bruce Lee reference are all part of the film. It is a chance to see Jackie Chan very early in his career and has a powerful story to boot. At least, it seems powerful. Since the subtitles do not translate everything, we are left to assume that much of what is happening is very poignant and meaningful.

You can watch New Fist of Fury on Tubi.

Watch the trailer.


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