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The Calling Hours Horror Podcast, with your host Michael “Dedman” Jones, is now syndicated worldwide and streaming on most major podcast platforms.

 As many of you know, The Calling Hours Horror Podcast was a very popular podcast that aired for several years as part of Horror Society Radio (where I was also a writer). It featured insightful and thought provoking interviews with actors, actresses, producers, directors, and FX artists, as well as in depth reviews of Blu-Rays and DVDs and the best in new and classic metal artists. No subject in the genre was off limits, and I always asked the questions few others would dare.

The Calling Hours Horror Podcast went on a long hiatus for a variety of reasons, but now it’s back thanks to the tireless efforts of the EIC of Morbidly Beautiful Stephanie Malone and the gracious nature of my guests!

When the show came back on Morbidly Beautiful, I was simply recording and editing everything through Audacity, turning it into a video with Windows Movie Maker, uploading to YouTube and posting to the site.  Now the show is recorded and edited the same way, but the major difference is the show is hosted through Pippa, and we are now available through the outlets below (click banners to follow):

In Syndication on Friday nights at 10 PM EST on:

And as always on:

The mayhem is just beginning!  If you would like to be a guest on the show or are interested in advertising, please reach out to us at one of the links below!

The Dedman’s Facebook Page

The Dedman’s Twitter

The Dedman’s Instagram

The Calling Hours Horror Podcast Facebook Page

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