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Attack the Block

Blacktober continues with a look at the British action thriller “Attack the Block” — a smart, witty, well-written modern cult classic.


In this episode, I’m breaking down and reviewing the 2011 sci-fi, action, and comedy-horror film Attack the Block. What happens when a teenage gang encounters an alien invasion in South London? I think the real question is what doesn’t happen.

If you think your teenage years were rough, I promise it doesn’t even come close to what these kids are dealing with on this Guy Fawkes Night.


Donna Tha Dead

Donna Tha Dead is a podcast for lovers of horror, cult classics, and other genres of cinemas. Your host, Donna, is a confirmed ghost story and horror film addict.  To those that can hear Donna’s voice, she invites you to come hold her hand in the darkness and listen.

New episodes typically post every other week, and you can listen right here on or wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

You can connect with Donna on Instagram and Twitter @donna_tha_dead.

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