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If you’re resolved to get fit in the new year, these fierce horror characters can help you channel your inner athlete and take 2024 by storm.


I’m starting off the New Year with the top five horror characters I would want to be my workout buddies — the ones who could inspire me to be a supercharged athlete. I also have a few honorable mentions.


Is there any greater horror than trying to come down off the holiday high only to face enormous pressure to make massive life changes, as if there’s something inherently magic or world-altering about the start of another trip around the sun? Whether that pressure comes from external sources or is our inner drive to fix ourselves, it’s hard to resist the feeling that we should suddenly become much better versions of ourselves.

For many, that means a renewed commitment to health and fitness. In fact, according to a 2023 survey, exercising more is the most popular New Year’s resolution among Americans, followed very closely by eating healthier and losing weight.

Of course, we here at Morbidly Beautiful encourage you to make a resolution that’s good for you, not just your body — perhaps one you have a great chance of keeping, or at least have a hell of a good time trying: enjoy more horror!

In that spirit, Donna Tha Dead resolved to bring you great content weekly. And she’s kicking off the new year by standing in solidarity with those of you who have fitness on the brain — bringing you a list of some of the best horror characters to keep you motivated as you work up a sweat.

Her list includes the buffest, most badass heroes (and villains) who could inspire you to power through the most intense workout, become a powerhouse athlete, and take on the world.


Donna Tha Dead

Donna Tha Dead is a podcast for lovers of horror, cult classics, and other genres of cinemas. Your host, Donna, is a confirmed ghost story and horror film addict.  To those that can hear Donna’s voice, she invites you to come hold her hand in the darkness and listen.

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