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Modern entertainment uses evolving technology and platforms to tap into the growing horror market, seducing with the promise of scares.

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Millions of people enjoy the experience of being scared. The entertainment industry is fully aware of this fact. It recognizes the importance of providing jump scares in its horror films while creating gruesome plots that leave audiences hiding behind their couches.

The gaming industry is also well-versed in providing heart-racing horror-related thrills in its latest titles. It uses increasingly immersive environments and in-game cinematography techniques to create experiences that draw the gamer into a succession of frightening events and situations.

In this article, the link between horror and modern entertainment will be explored by using a range of modern entertainment media.

From harnessing the emerging power of virtual reality technology for added immersion to finding ways to incorporate horror into casino games, the power of fright in modern entertainment will be discussed.

Online casinos and horror

The global online casino market is a multi-billion dollar industry that’s expected to grow at a rate of 11.7% from 2023 to 2030. As the industry continues to evolve and expand, an important sub-sector of this form of gaming is appealing to horror fans.

By searching online for the best online casinos that payout, customers can find a list of some of the top-performing sites with documented win rates and information on specific bonuses. Horror fans can then search these individual sites to find a vast range of games that feature horror elements in the gameplay.

Commonly, slot machines and video poker titles now feature themes surrounding horror and fear.

Popular titles such as Zombie Circus and Vampire Senpai take well-established tropes, such as the undead, and combine them with studio-quality sound effects and lighting that cause the player to jump out of their seat when playing.

For many players, the thrill of gambling online is magnified by introducing frights and jump scares, elevating what’s an already heart-racing experience with the use of fear and horror.

Emerging technology in gaming

In the last decade, virtual reality technology is finding its way into modern entertainment.

A key example of this can be seen in the world of gaming, where VR headsets are used to create immersive and believable open worlds to explore.

The horror genre is exceptionally well suited to this form of technology in gaming, with classic horror titles such as The 7th Guest and Resident Evil 4 being ported over to VR headsets. Being able to walk around Racoon City in a fully realized 3D environment creates a level of immersion that simply wasn’t available to gamers before VR.

Put simply, the frights and adrenaline-fueled action that are experienced in a virtual environment elevate the horror gaming genre, taking it to new levels of fear and authenticity.

Streaming films

As a brief final example, the rise of film streaming platforms in recent years has also allowed horror fans to dictate how and where they consume their favorite horror titles.

Before streaming services were commonplace, horror fans would need to visit their local cinema when new films were released or ensure that they were at home when a classic horror film was broadcast.

The on-demand nature of modern streaming allows fright fans to create a suitable home environment with snacks and drinks, turn out all the lights, and prepare to be terrified on a schedule to suit them.

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