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Monday Metal Massacre: Jungle Rot’s “Paralyzed Prey” (Official Video)                                                   

In the finest tradition of horror, many Death and Black Metal music videos tell and show us the dark side of humanity and of the madness and horror that lurks in the darkness. Every Monday, the Dedman will bring you yet another video to showcase the talents of those that screech and scream about the things that lurk in deeper recesses of our souls! Today’s featured band is Jungle Rot, and the name of the song is “Paralyzed Prey” from the album Order Shall Prevail (2015).

Released: June 30th, 2015
Genre: Death Metal
Length: 36:33
Label: Victory

Jungle Rot

“Paralyzed Prey” by Jungle Rot (Lyrics)

Crawling through the brush
Staying out of sight
The wind in my face
Assure my timings right
Split-second opportunity
My target zeroed in
Recoil echoes
Bullet pierces skin

Paralyzed prey

Now on her terrain
Behold a beastly roar
Her nose has made your scent
Your chances made poor
Monstrous brute closes in
Heart fills with dread
Scarlet, Blood marked
Flesh ripped to shreds

When the tables turn
And you become the game,
The beast can’t be tamed
And it’s out to maim!

Paralyzed prey
Deep empty eyes
Look into them
See your own soul!

Paralyzed prey
You’re Fucked!


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