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Monday Metal Massacre: Emperor’s “The Loss And Curse Of Reverence” (Official Video)

In the finest tradition of horror, many Death and Black Metal music videos tell and show us the dark side of humanity and of the madness and horror that lurks in the darkness. Every Monday, the Dedman will bring you yet another video to showcase the talents of those that screech and scream about the things that lurk in deeper recesses of our souls! Today’s featured band is Emperor, and the name of the song is “The Loss and Curse of Reverence” from the album Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk (1997).

Released: July 8th, 1997
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Length: 43:55
Label: Candlelight/Century Black


“The Loss and Curse of Reverence” by Emperor (Lyrics)

Memories of torment strikes me.
Attempts were made to suffocate me at birth.
Fools, I was already ancient.
Thou can not kill what breeds within Thee.

Alas, this agony, the emptiness of earthborn pride
hath stirred my faithful heart which guided me to darker paths.
Far away from their pestilent ways
cleansed was I from deceitful grace.

Yet, put to scorn was I
by those unclean.
Enslaved by ignorance
they blindly spat upon
the deity of hate.
Awake is the darkest fiend.

By the fallen one I shall arise.

Upon bewildered masses,
to whom the indulgence of my soul portray as sin made god,
I shall revile and quell the source
whence mockery of my kind derive.

This I know: Facile shalt my quest not come to pass.
Deathwish be my gift to all at last.

Honour. Commended no longer as virtue.
Yet, shalt be extolled by light’s demise.

By the fallen one I shall arise.


[Guitar lead.]

speak not to me of justice,
for none have I ever seen.
By God, I shall give as I receive.
speak not to me at all.
You and this world
ripped my fucking heart out.

Again… again… and again…
Again… and again…



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