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Let’s face it, kids are creepy. But when those kids happen to have black eyes and malintent, we move into the realm of truly terrifying.

We are back this week with a topic I’ve wanted to cover for quite some time: the strange phenomena of the Black-Eyed Kids. No, they aren’t a bad cover band. They are something far scarier. You won’t want to miss hearing about this compelling modern myth.


Back in 1996 a journalist, Brian Bethel, had an encounter that left him with an unsavory taste in his mouth. He couldn’t explain what happened. But what he could recall was shocking.

Bethel’s account featured a new type of haunting with a brand new, never before seen monster: black-eyed kids. He described these kids as between the ages of 6 and 16 with fairly normal features, except that their clothes were dated by a few decades. Oh, and their eyes were solid black. Yeah, I know, terrifying, right?

Well after Bethel’s account, others began either having similar encounters with these things — or recalled events that had happened to them in their younger years.

All of these stories, which are now plentiful all over Reddit, have one thing in common: the kids always want to come into your space, be it a house or car, or whatever. Generally, these kids also seem out of touch with modern society, such as asking to come into a home to use a landline when pretty much everybody (including bloody toddlers) has their own cellphone.

They also create a sense of unease within the person/people they’re interacting with.’

Most chilling of all? Well, there are absolutely no accounts of what happens if somebody lets one of these Black-Eyed Kids into their house. Maybe nobody’s lived to tell the tale.



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