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Tune in to the newest addition to Morbidly Beautiful Radio, the Horror Shots Podcast, and discover more about horror’s greatest myths and mysteries.

Horror Shots

Editor’s Note: We recently decided to expand our podcasting network to include more unique and diverse voices in the genre. When we made that announcement, one of our newest writers, Casey Chaplin, told us about his long running Horror Shots podcast. Casey is an accomplished writer, photographer, and published author. In his popular podcast, he explores horror history and takes a scholarly look at the mysterious creatures and events of myth, legends, and folklore. Due in part to Casey’s background in radio broadcast, his podcast is exceptional well made and highly engaging. We immediately fell in love and knew we had to add the Horror Shots Podcast to Morbidly Beautiful Radio.

Continue reading below to learn more about Casey and the Horror Shots Podcast. And be sure to listen to his brief sound clip introducing Morbidly Beautiful readers to his podcast, and his podcast listeners to Morbidly Beautiful! – The Angry Princess

Hello there, and welcome to the Horror Shots Podcast, with me, Casey.

If you’ve ever listened to the podcast before, you would have heard that line countless times. But if you haven’t, it’s wonderful to meet you. Recently, the powers that be here at Morbidly Beautiful expressed interest in teaming up with my podcast (after I pitched it, of course :P), and I couldn’t be happier to be more a part of the set up here. By more a part, I mean, I’ve been writing here for a short time. But I love every second of it. The community and the contributors are just fantastic.

But what’s the Horror Shots Podcast, and just who is Casey? Very good questions, which I’m sure you’re asking at this very moment. Well, I’m a writer with a background in radio. I love the horror genre, and everything to do with it – including history. So that’s where the idea for Horror Shots came from, to a degree. It actually started out as a photography website, something I dabble in as well. From there, the cast was born.

In the clip below, you can hear me talk a bit more about what my podcast is all about. 

Hopefully you took a few minutes to listen to that clip. But in case you didn’t, I’ll briefly explain. In each episode of the Horror Shots Podcast, I take a look at historical supernatural events and beings, such as cryptids, vampires, demons, witches and witchcraft, and so on. While Morbidly Beautiful is mostly about the horror genre, this podcast is more about information. I think that makes it just that right juxtaposition to fit wonderfully on this site, and I hope you agree.

With that said, you can look for a brand new episode every Friday evening.

You’ll be able to find each episode posted right here on this site as soon as it’s available. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy producing. And thank you for welcoming me into the Morbidly Beautiful family.

Note: If you want to catch up on previous episodes, you can find them all at You can also listen to the latest episode on The Thunderbird below. 

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