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Grab a slushie and tune in for a lively chat about a movie for the ages, 1988’s “Heathers”. It’s an episode that will make you say ‘how very’.

Chaos and Carnage are what killed the dinosaurs, darling. We’re not pulling your dick when we say this episode will make you understand everything.


Best friends, this podcast, and occasional murder.

This week on They Mostly Podcast at Night, murderous minds think alike! Chaos and Carnage urge you to join them in a singalong of “Teenage Suicide – Don’t Do It!” Shannen Doherty acts so sweet, but she’s “suuuch a baaatch” — allegedly, don’t sue! Oh, and there’s manipulative boyfriends and murder aplenty!

If you are a new listener to the PaNcast, be aware there are spoilers and expletives ahead! We break down the movie, go through a summary, offer analysis, trivia, arbitrary awards, reviews, ratings, fanfiction and more!

Veronica was sad she was not named Heather, so she turned to the dark side of Christian Slater… and things went awry.” (Five second summary) 

Veronica has it all, and she hates it. She’s popular, she’s rich (well, okay, she probably doesn’t hate that), she has friends the whole school is envious of. She’s basically in The Plastics before The Plastics.

Veronica wants to go back to her old friends. Being popular isn’t the dream she thought it would be. And we’re sure she doesn’t like hanging out with those dicks she calls her current friends, who hit croquet balls at her head — not to mention make fun of, belittle and criticize her.

HEverything changes when she meets JD. He’s smart, sarcastic, and uninterested in high school politics or conforming with the high school societal norms. He’s also got a gun, and he doesn’t hesitate to wave it around the cafeteria when the local bullies try to throw their weight around.

All of this draws Veronica to JD, but she doesn’t realize how far he’s willing to go to enact revenge on anyone who crosses him — including Veronica. Soon, a body count is piling up, and Veronica has no idea how to stop JD’s murderous desires. She finds herself caught up in his crimes, at first, and then becomes the only one who can stop him before he takes out the whole school!

Heathers is currently streaming on Shudder, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Tubi. Join us next week for All Cheerleaders Die, streaming on Prime and Tubi.

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