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The Birds

Modern horror is built on a foundation of cinema classics that never go out of style, like this week’s featured film “The Birds”.

Chaos starts things off by talking about her adventures at this year’s Monster Fest went. Then Chaos and Carnage dive into the Hitchcock classic tale of avian terror, The Birds! With LOTS of trivia!!

Deemed culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant by the US Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry, The Birds is a 1963 natural horror film produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The screenplay was written by Evan Hunter and loosely adapted from the 1953 short story of the same name by Daphne du Maurier. The film stars Tippi Hedren in her screen debut.

Melanie is a San Franciscan socialite who meets Mitch, a lawyer who spends his weekends on his mama’s farm in Bodega Bay. She decides to prank him with birds for his younger sister Cathy’s birthday, then gets roped into his world when gulls attack. They attack Melanie, then some more gulls attack Cathy’s birthday party, some sparrows invade the family house, and then the crows go ballistic on some schoolchildren.

Is this an isolated incident in Bodega Bay, or the beginning of the Birdpocalypse? We don’t know! Join us for our journey as we explore a classic tale of terror.

The Birds is not available to stream in the U.S. but is available to rent on most VOD platforms and well worth the small rental cost.

(Note: Learn about the origins of that ‘charming’ Risseldy Rosseldy song the schoolchildren sing right here.)

Hosts Chaos and Carnage are two best friends who love to talk about horror movies. They take turns picking a movie each week to terrorize their cohost with. And once the mics are on, the bickering and bantering begin. Best friends for 20 years, their bickering is aged like a fine wine. Or cheese. New episodes drop every Monday.

Spoilers and expletives abound.

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