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In the final episode of our show, we say goodbye and head out with a bang by talking about a timely horror classic, “The Exorcist”.

We didn’t know we’d be saying goodbye to legendary filmmaker and genre giant William Friedkin when we recorded this episode. And we also didn’t know until just before we recorded that we’d be saying goodbye to our five-year journey on They Mostly Podcast at Night. It’s been an epic adventure that has significantly expanded our horror horizon and allowed us to be a part of an incredible community of fellow podcasters, listeners, and horror fans. Although it’s hard to say goodbye, it’s time for us to pause our podcasting journey.

But never fear dear listeners, we’ve recorded a bloody buttload of episodes over the years, so there is still an insane amount of content for you to devour. Now is a great time to work through our back catalog and hopefully discover new films or revisit favorites with your old pals, Chaos and Carnage.

We may be moving on, but we did you a solid and saved one of the all-time horror classics for last — finally serving up the devilish dish everyone seems to fawn over. Fair warning, however, if you expect us to side with the critics on this one,  you must not have spent much time listening to this podcast!

You don’t need us to tell you what this film is about. We know you know! But, just in case, let’s break it down Podcast at Night style.

Regan (a fresh-faced Linda Blair) is a 12-year-old girl who starts talking to Captain Howdy through her Ouija board. The poor girl then becomes possessed by a demon from Assyria named Pazuzu. And wouldn’t you know it, those darn doctors can’t seem to do a damn thing about it. Nothing in science can explain it. Doctors can do nothing! What’s a manic mom to do when her sweet baby girl has become an unholy mess?

Thank goodness for Captain Catholicism – err, some priests. Yeah, some priests.

This 1973 supernatural spookfest is widely considered one of the greatest horror films ever made. But does it possess our hearts? Tune in to find out! 

Hosts Chaos and Carnage are two best friends who love to talk about horror movies. They take turns picking a movie each week to terrorize their cohost with. And once the mics are on, the bickering and bantering begin. Best friends for 20 years, their bickering is aged like a fine wine. Or cheese. New episodes drop every Monday.

Spoilers and expletives abound.

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