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“The Windigo” is a whimsical and stylized disturbing fairy tale from Gabe Torres that will have you gripped right from the beginning.

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The Windigo tells of the titular mythological creature hailing from Native American tribes.

This creature has always fascinated me. Whether it be in literature or other forms of media, the folklore surrounding this evil spirit is all about greed. When one is starved to the point of committing cannibalistic acts or overcome with the insatiable desire to eat others, the Wendigo takes over, possessing you. Thus, the cycle goes on and on. In some stories, it is the victims who become Wendigo in the end; in others, it’s just a spirit that teaches the lesson of sinning through greed.

Once I heard about this film, I followed any updates leading to its eventual release. Then, I had the opportunity to review it, and I was thrilled.

Our plot surrounds a family cursed by the myth through generations, with the oldest being Grandmother (Casey Camp-Horinek), who, as a child, witnessed the Wendigo’s acts.

Her father committed heinous acts under the Wendigo’s spell, cursing the family to pay for what he did for eternity. She lives day to day with the looming fear that she won’t die until it gets her.

We are introduced to brother and sister Bree (Fivel Stewart) and Ry (Marco Fuller), who suffers a hillbilly attack one day that puts the whole family on edge, leaving Ry humiliated.

It is then that Ry engages in the extreme act of summoning the Wendigo to do his bidding, taking down his enemies one by one. Unfortunately, it grows out of control. What was once driven by the feeling of helplessness and revenge turns into a tale of seduction.

Ry’s intentions get complicated by his feelings of shame; he believes that what he is doing is the right thing.

With stunning creature designs reminiscent of Del Toro’s creations and captivating and beautiful surroundings, The Wendigo is an atmospheric horror.

It was so cinematic and perfectly delivered the dread viewers feel waiting for the Wendigo to creep across the screen along the snow-covered landscape.

The truly inventive and twisted kills were presented in sharp and effective contrast to the film’s exquisite surroundings, and it was incredible to witness.

In the end, tragic sacrifices must be made, guaranteed to leave you feeling emotional.

I must almost commend the cast of this movie. They delivered stand-out performances all around, really leaning into the heritage and history of the Native Americans. They were fully committed to doing the tale of the Wendigo justice, with both cast and crew going as far as lighting sage around the set to ward off any evil spirits.

A rollercoaster ride right to the very end, The Windigo does not let up for a moment.

Full of genuine jump scares and tense moments, I highly recommend checking out The Windigo. It really has something to offer for all lovers of horror.

Overall Rating (Out of 5 Butterflies): 4.5

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