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From The Mortician’s Table: Chemical Burn FX Tutorial 2 (Video and Step-by-Step Instructions)

Last week I showed you the basic elements of doing your own chemical burn FX with the primary elements being cotton balls, liquid latex and professional grade Ben Nye make-up products. This week, I will show you a slight variation on the same FX piece. However, I am using what would be considered “generic” off-the-shelf make-up from a local Halloween supply store (which are everywhere this time of year), in this case that would be Spirit Halloween.

Allow me to go on the record and say that there is nothing wrong with the make-up from one of these stores.  When used with imagination and dedication, you can achieve many of the same looks that professionals use with make-up that costs twice as much.

My personal use of Ben Nye products is because, for the most part, it is hypoallergenic and comes in a variety of colors and sizes that are not available in many costume and make-up shops. With a proper allergy test, you should be good to go with any of these products!

See It In Action:

The Process:

STEP 1: First thing you need is a make-up free model. In this case, our model is Kaitlyn Beasley…

STEP 2: Unfold cotton balls into lengths that you want to use (a standard cotton ball should unfold into a 6” x 3” piece).  Apply Flesh Latex to skin and apply cotton over it.  You must move with some speed as it will dry quickly. Once the latex is dried, the cotton will stick to the skin and should not pull off with ease…

Step 3: Once you have the cotton where you want it, you want to coat it with your Karo Syrup blood.  You can then begin to sculpt and mold it to your liking.  If you need to add more cotton for volume or texture, this is the time to do it…

Step 4: Once you have the look that you like, highlight the outer edges of your wound with your make-up stack. I started with Mustard, then Olive Green into Bruise Purple.  Blend to your liking with your cosmetic sponge and for more precise coloring, I use my fingers.  Once you have it to your liking, take your stipple sponge and your Black stack and apply where you want depth to the burns…

Step 5: The same applies for the facial burn. JUST MAKE SURE TO KEEP LATEX OUT OF THE MODEL’S EYES!  Make sure to work with the facial bones and work along those lines. You can really get some real depth and illusion by working with what is already there!

Step 6: Facial blending is done the same way as the arm.  Again, pay attention to the bone structure of your model.  The more you use the natural curves of their face, your shadowing and depth will become more realistic and unnerving!

Step 7 (OPTIONAL): To give the wounds a “fresh” appearance, I put gelatin (Jell-O) over the FX piece, giving it a wet and blistered look.  You can also use baby or mineral oil as well as petroleum jelly to get the same look…

Make-Up Supplies Needed For This FX Piece:

Spirit Flesh Latex (Item# 00175141)

In the world of Halloween makeup, there is no end to the amount of costumes this flesh-colored latex paint will help with. Whether you are trying for a burn victim costume, a disfigured look, or just a different feel, this makeup works great as an effect or adhesive. For an easy costume, add an old, ripped-up flannel shirt and go as a zombie!

Spirit Zombie Stack (Item# 01225861)

Choosing your zombie makeup is mindless this Halloween, just pick up the Zombie Stack for all your makeup needs. These 5 color pods feature all the colors you need to create the grimiest and most haunting looks you could ever imagine. Zombie Stack includes: 5 Color Pods (Light Grey 7534C), Mustard (7566C), Olive Green (5757C), Bruise Purple (7644C) and Black.

Gray Dead Guy Makeup (Item# 00174979)

Want to make dead look good? You need the “dead guy” makeup kit. Death tone of flesh that looks like it has a lack of blood…

Studio 35 Beauty Cosmetic Wedges (Item Code: 267826)

For foundation, blush, concealer, and eye shadow. Latex free.

Ben Nye Nylon Stipple Sponge (FNS-1)

Nylon Stipple Sponge by Ben Nye is used to create texture to makeup. Cut the 3″ by 4″ block into small sections; trim edges to avoid harsh lines.

Other products include Q-tips, Cotton Balls, Toothpicks and Homemade Blood consisting of Karo Syrup mixed with red and blue food dye.

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