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From uninvited strangers to unwanted pests, these six scream-worthy horror flicks gave us killer creatures great and small.

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At AlethalWeaponArt, movies (particularly horror) are a huge part of our life — and our business — so we take time to celebrate the art of film every day. Each month, we’ll share six of our favorite watches, new and old, from the month so you can hopefully discover (or rediscover) some great horror films to help you escape the nightmarish real world for a bit.

May was double feature month for this movie-loving duo, and we’ve got six stellar horror films — old and new — that pair perfectly for a killer double feature. Whether you’re in the mood for a chilling invasion (supernatural or terrifyingly human), carnivorous crocodiles, or creepy-crawly spiders, we’ve got you covered.  Our watchlist includes some of the best, most well-received films in the last couple of years and a few undisputed horror classics. Enjoy!


Late Night with the Devil was an interesting concept that drew us in, and we are always down for a movie that takes place on or around Halloween.

Late Night With The Devil was one of last year’s most original horror movies; we enjoyed it throughout. David Dastmalchain gives a fantastic performance. His intensity and attitude match his inspiration very well. Heavily influenced by The Don Lane Show, he captures Lane’s essence. There were also some very clever and pointed references to Bohemian Grove, which is fascinating.

This was the debut feature film of Ingrid Torelli, an Australian actress who did an incredible job of being eerie and genuinely unnerving. She is somebody to watch. It got pretty wild at the end, but it went with the vibe and was entertaining. We also get some exciting shots and a cool look into 70s TV.

This is worth a watch, especially if you like David Dastmalchain; it’s great to see him get a chance to lead and knock it out of the park.

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The Strangers is one of our favorites, and it has been since it came out. It is eerie and suspenseful, with solid violence in the film’s climax. Aletha doesn’t like Liv Tyler, yet she still loves this movie (maybe because we get to see her be terrorized the whole time). The score and soundtrack set a very creepy tone, and the movie’s overall dreary vibe makes it even better.

A couple staying in a remote house is harassed by a group of masked killers. The action is pretty slow-paced, and most of the frightening parts are in the background. There is one jump scare, but that’s about it. Despite that, it’s far from dull, and the subtle scares enhance the realistic terror.

This is a great slow burn to watch in the dark and uninterrupted. 

Watch on Max or rent on VOD.

3. CRAWL (2019)

Crawl is such a fantastic creature feature! The backstory is a little whiny (family drama), but it works. It makes you care just the right amount for the characters.

Essentially, a swimmer heads to check on her father during a hurricane, and they find themselves being hunted by alligators in their crawl space. The CGI is amazing, and the alligators look incredibly realistic. Directed by Alexandre Aja and produced by Sam Raimi, this killer creature feature was Quinten Tarantino’s favorite 2019 release. It’s shot very well, smartly written, and entertaining throughout.

The sets are insanely impressive; they built seven huge tanks to flood for the film. The gas station, the house, and the whole block they are on are actually in a giant water tank that cycled through about 5 million liters of water a day while filming those scenes. Kaya Scodelario carries the weight of the film, having trained with professional swimmers in Serbia (including an Olympic athlete) to prepare for this role.

This is highly recommended if you want a fun human survival story with higher-caliber visual effects.

Watch on Paramount Plus or Fubo, or rent it on VOD.

4. LAKE PLACID (1999)

Lake Placid is a classic crocodile movie. It’s got a fun story, a good cast, and a cool creature.

A giant saltwater crocodile has been making attacks in the fictional town of Black Lake in Maine. A ragtag team is assembled to take care of it and chaos ensues. The animatronic crocodile (which still holds up) was created by Stan Winston who always kills it. This movie is more like a horror/action/comedy, and it is a thrilling ride.

Although we kind of hated the main female, Kelly (Bridget Fonda), the rest of the cast and characters were pretty funny, including Brendan Gleeson, Oliver Platt, and Betty White.

This creature classic is worth a watch if you are in the mood for a crocodilian movie with a touch of humor.

Watch on Starz or rent on VOD.

5. INFESTED (2024)

Sébastien Vanicek makes his feature-length directorial debut with Infested.

This is such an instant spider movie horror classic. It is genuinely frightening, well-acted, and enthralling throughout. We HATE spiders, so this one freaked us out. The spiders themselves are truly terrifying; so many small ones are worse than one big one. The friend group in the film feels really authentic and genuine. The music in the intro and throughout really sets the tone and puts you there with this group of young people in this low-income area of France.

The film has some really interesting shots that show different perspectives. The whole time, you’re uncomfortable, and there is a horrific and tense vibe. We love the concept and loved seeing the different spider attacks in different apartments. The special effects are incredible. These effects, combined with the use of 200 real giant huntsman spiders, make everything feel so real it makes your skin crawl.

We would definitely recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of creature feature horror.

Watch on Shudder.

6. STING (2024)

Need more harrowing spider horror? You’re in luck because Shudder has two killer eight-legged creature features ready to creep you the hell out.

Sting is a lot of fun. The concept of a kid raising a giant spider is pretty great, and they execute it beautifully. Starring Alyla Browne, Ryan Corr and Jermaine Fowler, this whole film has a gritty feeling to it. It follows a family in a smaller apartment and all the characters feel pretty relatable and better than standard. The filmmakers do a great job playing with shadows and creating a sense of constant anxiety.

The attacks are intense and brutal, and we loved the ending! There are a lot of cool effects with the dead bodies. Special effects legend Richard Taylor (LOTR, Dead Alive) made a giant animatronic puppet at the end that took six people to control, and it is beyond impressive.

This fun and exciting spider flick with awesome effects will keep you on your toes and is recommended for any bug/insect movie fan.

Watch on Shudder.

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