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Back in October 2015, we reviewed the independent holiday slasher Dismembering Christmas from the talented team at Slasher Studios, a studio that specializes in low budget horror films that pay homage to slasher classics of the 80s. We loved this film. Below is a brief excerpt from our review:

Dismembering Christmas is a surprisingly well made, ultra low budget Christmas horror. A modern slasher with a great 80s feel, this movie is fast paced, full of creative kills and ultimately a great deal of fun.

Dismembering Christmas was the first Slasher Studios feature to receive a bluray release…and a stunning release at that. However, it was only natural for a film that so effectively captures the spirit of retro style slashers to be released on VHS. For a limited time, fans can preorder a copy of the film on VHS directly from the Slasher Studios website.

The VHS features great art by Jeff Quick, and the print run is limited to just 50 copies. Each copy will be hand numbered with loads of exclusive goodies. Every VHS tape will include a special slasher themed envelope filled with Dismembering Christmas treats. One special envelope will even include an exclusive prop from the film.

Orders start shipping on February 15th and only preorders will receive the special, exclusive gift with purchase. The limited VHS is also available in combo packs, featuring a DVD of the film or a DVD and soundtrack. You don’t want to miss out on this!

Click here to preorder your copy now. These are sure to sell out fast, and when they’re gone they are gone forever. 

Dismembering Christmas limited VHS cover art

Dismembering Christmas limited VHS cover art



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