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It’s a non-traditional holiday special with a listener request, “The Last Conception”, and the new release “The Scary of Sixty-First”.


It’s Christmas time on Adventures in Movies, and our gift to you is one of those presents that you look at quizzically with a bemused smile on your face. This week, we cover two movies that could not be more different. We look at a light-hearted rom-com with strong LGBTQ themes and family values and follow it up with a story about one of the most notorious predators of the modern age and loneliness.


We are big fans of The Witch on this show and by extension fans of director Robert Eggers and Anya Taylor-Joy.

We talk about the trailer for the latest collaboration between the two.

The Northman has been on our radar for quite a while now, and our first look left us with plenty of thoughts. We talk about the action scenes, the inclusion of supernatural elements, and whether men can be too ripped.

Then it’s on to this week’s spotlight film, which comes to us by listener request.  

The Last Conception is about a young woman who is coming out to her family. She soon learns just how important carrying on the family bloodline is to them.

The plot is a breezy one that has plenty of conflict and no true villain. It has all the elements of a simple and fun movie but is told in an interesting way that stood out to us.

We also checked out The Scary of Sixty-First, a horror movie revolving around the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein. Those who say what Epstein did is horrific enough in itself would be right, but this movie takes things to a whole other level.

This is a movie that seems to be made for shock value but also does not seem to care if people understand what it is about.

We discuss how uncomfortable it made us feel and if it is erotic or just plain creepy.

Watch The Last Conception on VUDU Free or IMDb TV. Rent The Scary of Sixty-First on most VOD platforms. 


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